The Lighthouse Society recognizes supporters who include EFF in their planned giving. By leaving a legacy gift, you ensure that EFF is here to stay, shining as an ever-brighter beacon for all.

For over thirty years, EFF has been a leading voice for privacy, free expression, and digital creativity. As technologies evolve and change, and as the distinction between online and offline increasingly fades, the reach of our legal, tech, and policy programs have only expanded. Lighthouse Society members help us defend against threats to civil liberties today, and for decades to come.

Thanks to Lighthouse Society members, when the sun goes down and the sky appears to be darkening, EFF will not stop shining a light for justice, and leading society towards a brighter future.

The amount of a bequest gift is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. Gifts of securities, real property, and business interests can be made as bequests. Some sample language you can use to include EFF in your estate plan: "I bequeath to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, 815 Eddy Street, San Francisco, California 94109, the sum of ______________ ($) dollars for its general purposes."

In recognition of your deep commitment to EFF’s mission, you’ll receive:

  • An invite to an annual Lighthouse Society gathering
  • An optional tribute in your memory shared on EFF’s website
  • A printed issue of EFF’s annual report
  • Personalized EFF swag pack including the latest member shirt – just let us know what you’d like
  • A keepsake metal Lighthouse Society member card

Lighthouse Member Card

If you’re interested in becoming a Lighthouse Society member, please reach out to Nathan 'nash' Sheard at