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EFFector - Volume 5, Issue 15 - Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet


EFFector - Volume 5, Issue 15 - Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

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EFFector Online Volume 5 No. 15       8/20/1993
A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation   ISSN 1062-9424

                        In this issue:
                 Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
                 New EFF T-Shirts, Hot Off the Presses!
                 Computers, Freedom & Privacy '94
                 Local Groups List Updated

Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet

EFF is proud to announce that the Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet is now
available for free download from our ftp site.  The Big Dummy's Guide is a
user guide for novices on all the Internet has to offer.

The genesis of the Big Dummy's Guide was a few informal conversations,
which included Mitch Kapor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and
Steve Cisler of Apple Computers, in June of 1991.  With the support of
Apple Computers, EFF hired a writer (Adam Gaffin) and actually took on the
project in September of 1991.

The idea was to write a guide to the Internet for folks who had little or
no experience with network communications.  The Guide is currently posted
to "the 'net" in ASCII and Hypercard (Mac) formats.  We have been giving it
away on disk at conferences, and we hope to have a print edition available
for a nominal charge soon.  We're hoping to update this Guide on a regular
basis, so please feel free to send us your comments and corrections.

EFF would like to thank the folks at Apple, especially Steve Cisler of the
Apple Library, for their support and gentle prodding in our efforts to
bring this Guide to you.  We hope it helps you open up a whole new world,
where new friends and experiences are sure to be yours.  Enjoy!

The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet can be downloaded by anonymous ftp
from  The ASCII version is located at
/pub/EFF/papers/big-dummys-guide.txt.  The Hypercard stack is located at

New EFF T-Shirts, Hot Off the Presses

EFF has just received a shipment of 1000 new t-shirts.  The design on the
back of the shirt was submitted as part of our t-shirt contest by Steve
Sheinkin, who will receive a free t-shirt and membership into EFF.

The shirts themselves are white with red and black lettering.  On the
front, a small EFF logo is printed on the left.  The back is split into
four blocks and is labelled "Pioneers Throughout History."  The first block
contains a cowboy on a horse looking off into the sunset and is labelled
"The Western Frontier."  The second block contains John F. Kennedy at a
podium and is labelled "The New Frontier."  The third block contains a
starship and is labelled "The Final Frontier."  And the fourth block
contains the EFF logo and is labelled "The Electronic Frontier."

Shirts are available in small and extra-large.  To order the new t-shirts,
send a check for $10 for each shirt to EFF T-Shirts, 1001 G Street, NW,
Suite 950 East, Washington, DC  20001.

Computers, Freedom & Privacy '94

                    Conference Announcement 
              Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 1994 
                        23-26 March 1994

     The fourth annual conference, "Computers, Freedom, and
Privacy," (CFP'94) will be held in Chicago, Il., March 23-26, 1994. 
The conference is hosted by The John Marshall Law School; George B.
Trubow, professor of law and director of the Center for Informatics
Law at John Marshall, is general chair of the conference. (E-Mail:
<>). The program is sponsored jointly by these
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Groups:
Communications (SIGCOMM); Computers and Society (SIGCAS); Security,
Audit and Control (SIGSAC).

     The advance of computer and communications technologies holds
great promise for individuals and society.  From conveniences for
consumers and efficiencies in commerce to improved public health
and safety and increased participation in government and community,
these technologies  are fundamentally transforming our environment
and our lives.

     At the same time, these technologies present challenges to the
idea of a free and open society.  Personal privacy is at risk from
invasions by high-tech surveillance and monitoring; a myriad of
personal information data bases expose private life to constant
scrutiny; new forms of illegal activity may threaten the
traditional barriers between citizen and state and present new
tests of Constitutional protection; geographic boundaries of state
and nation may be recast by information exchange that knows no
boundaries in global data networks.

     CFP'94 will present an assemblage of experts, advocates and
interest groups from diverse perspectives and disciplines to
consider freedom and privacy in today's "information society." A
series of pre-conference tutorials will be offered on March 23,
1994, with the conference program beginning on Thursday, March 24,
and running through Saturday, March 26, 1994.

     The Palmer House, a Hilton hotel located in Chicago's "loop,"
and only about a block from The John Marshall Law School, is the
conference headquarters.  Room reservations should be made directly
with the hotel after September 1, 1993, mentioning John Marshall or
"CFP'94" to get the special conference rate of $99.00, plus tax.

                     The Palmer House Hilton
               17 E. Monroe, Chicago, Il. 60603
      Tel: 312-726-7500;  1-800-HILTONS;  Fax 312-263-2556  

Communications regarding the conference should be sent to:
                    The John Marshall Law School
                       315 S. Plymouth Ct.
                     Chicago, IL 60604-3907
(Voice: 312-987-1419; Fax: 312-427-8307; E-mail:


     It is intended that CFP'94 programs will examine the potential
benefits and burdens of new information and communications
technologies and consider ways in which society can enjoy the
benefits while minimizing negative implications. 

     Proposals are requested from those who desire to present an
original paper in a relevant area of technology, policy analysis or
law, or to suggest a program presentation.  Any proposal (1) should
not exceed three typewritten double-spaced pages; (2) must state
the title of the paper or program; (3) briefly describe its theme
and content; and (4) set out the name, address, credentials and
experience of the author or suggested speakers. If a proposed paper
has already been completed a copy should be attached to the


Full time college or graduate students are invited to enter the
student paper competition.  Papers must not exceed 2500 words and
should address the impact of computer and telecommunications
technologies on freedom and privacy in society.  Winners will
receive a scholarship to attend the conference and present their
papers. All papers should be submitted by November 1, 1993 (either
as straight text via e-mail or 6 printed copies) to:

                      Prof. Eugene Spafford
                 Department of Computer Science
                        Purdue University
                  West Lafeyette, IN 47907-2004
         E-Mail:; Voice: 317-494-7825


Registration information and fee schedules will be announced by
September 1, 1993.  Inquiries regarding registration should be
directed to RoseMarie Knight, Registration Chair, at the JMLS
address above; her voice number is 312-987-1420. 

Local and Regional Groups Supporting Online Communities

Below is the updated list of regional groups that support online
communications.  Feel free to contact any of the folks listed below with
your ideas and to learn more about how you can get involved.  We have tried
to keep this list updated, but contact information changes frequently, and
new groups are emerging all the time.  We apologize for any problems with
this list.  If you notice any problems, or if you know of other groups that
we should add, or if you are trying to form a group in your local area,
please forward the name of the group and contact information to  Thanks!

Huntsville Group
        Matt Midboe  --

San Francisco Bay Area:
        Mitch Ratcliffe -- or
        Glenn Tenney  --
        Judi Clark  --

Washington, DC, Area:
        general  --
        Taylor Walsh  --  (202)466-0522 (voice)
                          (301)933-4852 (voice)

"Group 2600" and some public access operators
        Bob Stratton  --
        Mikki Barry  --

EF128 (ELectronic Frontier Route 128)
        Lar Kaufman  --

Ann Arbor:
Ann Arbor Computer Society & others
        Ed Vielmetti  --
        msen gopher  --
        msen mail list  --  "info aacs"

        Msen Inc.
        628 Brooks
        Ann Arbor, MI  48103
        Phone:  (313)998 4562 (voice)
                (313)998 4563 (fax)

Kansas City:
Greater Kansas City Sysop Association
        Scott Lent  -
        P.O. Box 14480
        Parkville, MO  64152
        Phone: (816)734-2949 (voice)
               (816)734-4732 (data)

IndraNet and NitV Data Center.
       Stanton McCandlish  --
       Bitnet:  anton@unmb.bitnet, FidoNet:  1:301/2, IndraNet:  369:1/1
       BBS: (505)246-8515 (1200-14400, v32/v32b/v42/v42b, N-1-8)

        Stanton McCandlish
        8020 Central SE #405
        Albuquerque, NM 87108
        Phone:  (505)247-3402

Genesee Community College Group
        Thomas J. Klotzbach  --

        Thomas J. Klotzbach
        Genesee Community College
        Batavia, NY 14020
        Phone: (716)343-0055 x358 (voice - work)

New York City Metropolitan Area:
Society for Electronic Access (SEA)
        general  --
        Simona Nass  --
        Alexis Rosen  --

        P.O. Box 3131
        Church Street Station
        New York, NY 10008-3131

        Cleveland Freenet
        The Cleveland Freenet can be reached by modem: (216) 368-3888
        or by TELNET-ing to 'FREENET-IN-A.CWRU.EDU'.

         Lonny L. Lowe  --

         Freelance Consulting
         514 S. Pine
         Stillwater, OK  74074-2933
         Phone:  (405)747-4242 (voice)

          Craig Owensby  --

          Craig Owensby
          805 Harpeth Bend Drive
          Nashville, TN  37205
          Phone:  (615)662-2011 home, (615)248-5271 work (both voice)

        general  --
        directors  --
        Jon Lebkowsky  --

        P.O. Box 18957
        Austin, TX  78760
        Phone:  (512)465-7871 (voice)

Ottawa, Ontario:
        National Capital FreeNet

Victoria, British Columbia
        VIctoria Free-net Association (VIFA)  --

        c/o Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre
        203-1110 Government Street
        Victoria, British Columbia  V8W 1Y2
        Phone:  (604)384-2450 (voice)
                 (604)384-8634 (fax)


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