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EFFector - Volume 24, Issue 2 - EFF Calls for Immediate Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks


EFFector - Volume 24, Issue 2 - EFF Calls for Immediate Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks

EFFector! Electronic Frontier Foundation

In our 559th issue:

EFF Calls for Immediate Action to Defend Tunisian Activists Against Government Cyberattacks

The Tunisian government turned up the heat on bloggers, activists, and dissidents by launching a JavaScript injection attack that siphoned off the usernames and passwords of Tunisians logging in to Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. The Tunisian government has used these stolen credentials to log in to Tunisians' accounts, presumably downloading their messages, emails, and social graphs for further analysis, and then deleting the accounts entirely. By late last week, the Tunisian government had started arresting and detaining bloggers. Websites should take concrete steps as quickly as possible to protect their Tunisian users.

EFF Wins Landmark Ruling Freeing Promo CDs for Resale

An appeals court shot down bogus copyright infringement allegations from Universal Music Group (UMG), affirming an eBay seller's right to resell promotional CDs that he buys from secondhand stores and rejecting UMG's attempt to claim that a sticker on a CD created a license agreement forbidding resale. The court noted that UMG did not maintain control of the CDs once it mailed them out, did not require the recipients to agree to the "conditions" it sought to impose with the not-for-sale label, and did not require return of the CDs if the recipient did not consent.

EFF Calls for Court to Affirm Downsized Copyright Damages

EFF urged a federal court to affirm downsized damages in Sony v. Tenenbaum, a file-sharing case in which a jury originally ordered a college student to pay $675,000 for infringing copyright in 30 songs. A federal judge reduced the jury award to $67,500 last July, citing constitutional concerns and basic fairness. The record companies appealed the judge's decision to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. EFF argued in an amicus brief that the judge was right to try to ensure that damages in infringement cases bear a reasonable relationship to actual harm.

EFF Updates

The Best of Cablegate
While Wikileaks continues to provoke debate from many sides, Cablegate has served an important role in bettering public understanding on matters of public concern.

When Bad Patents Hurt Good People
In another example of using patents to stifle -- rather than promote -- innovation, a company called FlightPrep is threatening online flight planning sites with its newly obtained patent.

Happy New Year from EFF!
The donations, advocacy, and steadfast moral support of our friends and followers have helped make EFF the formidable organization that it is today.


EFF is Representing Icelandic Member of Parliament
EFF is representing Birgitta Jonsdottir, Icelandic Member of Parliament, in responding to a court order for her Twitter account information.

Sony Sues over PS3 Hack
Sony issued a lawsuit over a hack of PS3 demonstrated at the CCC conference. Read the TRO Motion. Read the complaint.

EFF Staff Activist Discusses Internet Censorship
Staff Activist Richard Esguerra discusses COICA, the Internet censorship bill, on hacker radio.

Is the SSLiverse a Safe Place?
Senior Staff Activist Peter Eckersley & researcher Jesse Burns talk about EFF's SSL Observatory at CCC.

Dream Job Alerts!

Criminal Defense Staff Attorney
EFF is seeking a senior staff attorney with a focus on criminal law matters to join our legal team.

Responsibilities will include litigation, public speaking, media outreach, and legislative and regulatory advocacy all in connection with civil liberties and our Coders Rights Project.

For the full announcement and information on how to apply:


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