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EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 28 - Victory! Internet Censorship Bill Delayed, For Now


EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 28 - Victory! Internet Censorship Bill Delayed, For Now

EFFector 23.28: Victory! Internet Censorship Bill Delayed,
For Now

EFFector Vol. 23, No. 28 October 1, 2010

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424

effector: n, Computer Sci. A device for producing a
desired change.

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In our 550th issue:

* Victory! Internet Censorship Bill Delayed, For Now 
Great news for those who care about free speech and fair
use online: the Senate Judiciary Committee won't consider
the dangerously flawed "Combating Online Infringement and
Counterfeits Act" (COICA) bill until after the midterm
elections, at least. This is a real victory, and the
support from all of you who used EFF's Action Center to
write to your Senators played a key role. Thanks as well to
the 87 Internet scientists and engineers whose open letter
to Congress reminded lawmakers what is at stake, and to all
the other voices that helped sound the alarm.

For more information:
To see the full open letter:

* Government Seeks Back Door Into All Our Communications

The New York Times reported this week on a federal
government plan to put government-mandated "back doors" in
all communications systems, including all encryption
software. But as the Internet security community explained
years ago, intentionally weakening security and including
back doors is a recipe for disaster for our already-fragile
online security and privacy. 

To learn more:

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EFF Updates

* Political Forum Fights Back Against Righthaven Copyright
 Troll Suit
The online political discussion forum Democratic
Underground is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by
copyright troll Righthaven LLC. EFF argued in court
documents filed Monday that the short excerpt of a news
article at issue in the suit is a clear case of fair use.

* A Field Guide to Copyright Trolls
With all of this talk about copyright trolls and
spamigation, it is easy to get confused. Here's a concise
guide to copyright trolls currently in the wild, with
status updates.

* EFF Supports Microsoft in Seeking to Make It Easier to   
 Invalidate Patents
EFF -- joined by Public Knowledge, the Computer &
Communications Industry Association and the Apache Software
Foundation -- filed an amicus brief Wednesday asking the
U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case in which Microsoft is
trying to make it easier to invalidate an issued U.S.

* Thai Webmaster Arrested for Online Speech
Last Friday the director of popular alternative Thai news
portal Prachatai was arrested by the Thai government.
Chiranuch Premchaipoen -- popularly known as Jiew -- was
charged under the intermediary liability provisions of the
2007 Computer Crime Act and for defamation of the Thai
royal family. She faces a 32-year prison sentence.

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~ EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston on PBS Newshour 
Kevin Bankston speaks out against the reported proposals
from the Obama Administration that would mandate "back
doors" into Internet communication systems.

~ Supreme Court Could Take Its First RIAA File-Sharing  
At issue: a federal appeals court's decision ordering a
university student to pay the RIAA $27,750 for file-sharing
37 songs when she was in high school.

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* EFFector Soon Available In HTML!
Starting later this month, EFFector will be available in
HTML. As an EFFector subscriber, you can choose to receive
either graphic HTML or plain text messages from us. The
default setting is HTML, so if you want to continue
receiving EFFector in plain text and have not specified a
preference you need to do so. To change your preferences or
update your account: 
- Go to and log in.
   By default, your email address is also your username.
   Request a temporary password there if you don't have   
- Under "Email" check HTML or Plain Text.
- Log out.

* Spectacular Members-Only Speakeasy
Many thanks to everyone who attended our very first
Members-Only Speakeasy on Tuesday night. This was a
wonderful opportunity to get to know you and discuss the
issues that are most important to us all. We hope to have
more informal gatherings where members can meet EFF staff
and mingle with other digital rights supporters. Be sure to
keep your membership current and accept EFF email to get
your next invitation! To join or renew today, go to

* 20th Annual Entertainment Law Institute 
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will speak on "Navigating the DMCA Safe Harbors:
Lessons from Viacom v. Google and Other Cases."
When:  October 7, 2010
      10:45 a.m.
Where: Radisson Hotel & Suites
      11 E. Cesar Chavez St.
      Austin, TX

* NARM Entertainment Law Conference
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will participate in a panel discussion on "The
Digital First Sale Doctrine: Who Owns -- or Licenses --
Digital Products and Content?" The panel will debate
several ongoing cases that may define whether purchasers of
games, music and business software are "owners" or merely
licensees, and whether the first sale doctrine has any
continuing viability.
When:  October 13, 2010 
      10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Where: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
      2025 Avenue of the Stars
      Los Angeles, CA 90067
Use the discount code 'EFF100' between now and October 5 to
receive $100 of your registration fee. After October 5, use
the code 'EFF50' for a $50 discount. 

* Failcon: User Privacy Where is the Line?
EFF's Legal Director Cindy Cohn joins a panel discussing
"User Privacy: Where is the Line?" at Failcon '10.
When:  October 25, 2010
      9 a.m.  - 6 p.m.
Where: Kabuki Hotel
      1625 Post Street
      San Francisco, CA

* Save the Date! EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards Hosted by
 Cory Doctorow!! 
Prolific author, blogger, and tireless advocate of freedom
in the networked world Cory Doctorow returns to San
Francisco to host EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards.
When:  November 8, 2010
Where: Minna Gallery
      111 Minna Street
      San Francisco, CA

* DIY Citizenship
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will be speaking at the opening event of DIY at
the downtown campus of the University of Toronto. She will
join Henry Jenkins,  the Provost's Professor of
Communications, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the
University of Southern California. They will speak about
"Supporting the DIY Citizen: Social and Legal Challenges of
Online Participatory Politics and Culture."
When:  Thursday, November 11, 2010
      5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Where: University of Toronto
      Munk School of Global Affairs
      1 Devonshire place.
      Toronto, Ontario

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* Dream Job Alert! 

* Senior Copyright Attorney: EFF is seeking a senior-level
copyright attorney. Responsibilities to include litigation,
public speaking, blogging, media outreach, and legislative
and regulatory matters related to a variety of high
technology legal issues. For a full job description, go to:

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