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EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 26 - Privacy And Safety Questions Loom Over Federal Program To Track Preschoolers


EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 26 - Privacy And Safety Questions Loom Over Federal Program To Track Preschoolers

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In our 548th issue:


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the ACLU of
Northern California (ACLU-NC) are calling for answers to
critical privacy and safety questions that loom over a
controversial federal program to track Head Start
preschoolers with radio frequency identification (RFID)
chips in Richmond, California. In an open letter sent this
week, we have asked officials to disclose what technical
and security measures are employed to safeguard students,
among other important questions.

For more information on this go to:
For the full open letter:


Based on announcement made by The Censorship Research
Center, we recommend that users stop using all versions of
the Haystack anti-censorship software immediately.

To learn more:


Join EFF staff members for a special Bay Area happy hour on
Tuesday, September 28th! EFF's Speakeasy is a free
gathering for current members only and space is limited.
Members will receive a personal email invitation with
location details on Monday, September 20th. For more
information, contact 

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EFF Updates
* John Doe Strikes Back in the US Copyright Group Cases
After months of dragnet litigation and intimidation, some
of the thousands of  "John Doe" Defendants targeted in mass
copyright lawsuits are fighting back in earnest.

* EFF Says Violating Company Policies Is Not a Computer
EFF urged a federal appeals court to dismiss charges that
would turn any employee use of company computers in
violation of corporate policy into a federal crime.

* Sarah Palin Revisited: Why Terms of Use Shouldn't Be
 Enforced Through Computer Crime Law 
Facebook's response to an EFF blogpost about employing
ghostwriters bolsters our argument that violating a site's
terms of use should not be a criminal act.

* Revised Opinion in Privacy Case Blurs Clear Limits to
 Digital Search and Seizure
The Ninth Circuit issued an unfortunate revised opinion in
United States v. Comprehensive Drug Testing Inc., a case
featuring blatantly unconstitutional government action.

* Jack-Booted Thugs and Copyright Enforcement
When it comes to copyright enforcement and the government,
EFF frequently warns that giving government agents a reason
to censor, search, seize, and indict must be taken very
seriously.  The New York Times reported on a frightening
object lesson from Russia.

* 9th Circuit's Troubling New State Secrets Decision
 Demonstrates Need for Reform
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling en banc in a case
called Mohamed v. Jeppesen Dataplan, adopted the Bush and
Obama Administration's joint Executive Branch power grab in
the form of the state secrets privilege.

* EFF Welcomes New Attorneys to Transparency Team
EFF is pleased to announce two new additions to our FOIA
Litigation for Accountable Government (FLAG) Project: Staff
Attorney Jennifer Lynch and Open Government Legal Fellow
Mark Rumold.

* "Magic Words" Trump User Rights: Ninth Circuit Ruling in
 Vernor v. Autodesk
In a major blow to user rights, the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals has issued a decision that will go a long way
toward ensuring that software buyers will rarely be
software owners.

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William Clinton Powell, director of customer and law
enforcement relations at Craigslist, states that
"Craigslist discontinued its adult services section on
Sept. 3, 2010, and there are no plans to reinstate the
(Registration and/or cookies may be required.) 

EFF's former International Outreach Coordinator Danny
O'Brien provides his insight on the Haystack controversy

The Department of Homeland Security is experimenting with
iris scanning technology at a border patrol station in

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* Copyright Criminals
A showing of the film Copyright Criminals will be followed
by an expert speakers panel including EFF's Tim Jones,
Steinski, Amp Live, hip-hop historian Jeff Chang, and
entertainment lawyer Tony Berman.
When:  September 23, 2010
      Doors at 7:00 p.m.
      Film Screening at 8:30 p.m.
      Panel Discussion at 9:30 p.m.      
Where: Mighty Club
      119 Utah St.
      San Francisco, CA

* International Seminar: Privacy and Personal Data
EFF Senior Staff Attorney Marcia Hofmann will speak.
Plans are underway for remote participation!
When:  September 30 - October 1, 2010
Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil

*Open Video Conference 
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will speak about EFF v. Burning Man at The Open
Video Conference (OVC), a multi-day summit of thought
leaders in business, academia, art, and activism coming
together to explore the future of online video.
When:  October 1, 2010 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Where: Fashion Institute of Technology
      7th Ave at 27th St
      New York, NY

*20th Annual Entertainment Law Institute 
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will speak on "Navigating the DMCA Safe Harbors:
Lessons from Viacom v. Google and Other Cases."
When:  October 7, 2010, 10:45 a.m.
Where: Radisson Hotel & Suites
      11 E. Cesar Chavez St.
      Austin, TX

* NARM Entertainment Law Conference
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will participate in a panel discussion on "iPhone
Jailbreaking Now Legal!! Does This (or Any Other DMCA
Circumvention Decision) Really Matter?"
When:  October 13,2010, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Where: Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel
      2025 Avenue of the Stars
      Los Angeles, CA 90067 

* Save the Date! EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards Hosted by
 Cory Doctorow!! 
Prolific author, blogger, and tireless advocate of freedom
in the networked world Cory Doctorow returns to San
Francisco to host EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards.
When:  November 8, 2010
Where: Minna Gallery
      111 Minna Street
      San Francisco, CA

* DIY Citizenship
EFF Senior Staff Attorney and Kahle Promise Fellow Corynne
McSherry will be speaking at the opening event of DIY at
the downtown campus of the University of Toronto. She will
join Henry Jenkins is the Provost's Professor of
Communications, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the
University of Southern California. They will speak about
"Supporting the DIY Citizen: Social and Legal Challenges of
Online Participatory Politics and Culture."
When:  Thursday, November 11, 2020, 5 -7 p.m.
Where: University of Toronto
      Munk School of Global Affairs
      1 Devonshire place.
      Toronto, Toronto Division, Ontario

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* Dream Job Alerts! 

* Activist: EFF is looking for a full-time activist to
fight for free speech, innovation, and privacy on the
Internet and other technologies. Find the full job
description here:

* Web Developer: EFF is seeking a full-time programmer to
help build websites and web applications that protect and
promote civil liberties in the digital world. For the full
job description, go to:

* Senior Copyright Attorney: EFF is seeking a senior-level
copyright attorney. Responsibilities to include litigation,
public speaking, blogging, media outreach, and legislative
and regulatory matters related to a variety of high
technology legal issues. For a full job description, go to:

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