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EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 24 - EFF Seeks To Help Righthaven Defendants


EFFector - Volume 23, Issue 24 - EFF Seeks To Help Righthaven Defendants

EFFector Vol. 23, No. 24 August 27, 2010

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424

effector: n, Computer Sci. A device for producing a
desired change.

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In our 546th issue:


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is seeking to assist
defendants in the Righthaven copyright troll lawsuits.
Righthaven has filed hundreds of copyright infringement
lawsuits seeking to shake down bloggers and others for
stiff copyright damages. Righthaven has developed a lawsuit
business model based on searching the internet for stories
and parts of stories from newspapers, purchasing the
copyright for the stories and suing the online location
that republished all or part of the stories. EFF believes
that many of those sued may have strong fair use and other


We're pleased to announce that EFF's Legal Director, Cindy
Cohn, has won a 2010 Intellectual Property Institute
Vanguard Award from the State Bar of California. Cindy was
one of four legal professionals honored for spearheading
new developments in the world of intellectual property.

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EFF Updates

*Colbert's Word: Control-Self-Delete
Just a short time after his interview with EFF Legal
Director Cindy Cohn, American hero Stephen Colbert has
returned to the subject of digital rights, and he's come up
with a great solution to the problem of privacy and online
social networks: Control-Self-Delete.

* Facebook Should Stop Censoring Marijuana Legalization
 Campaign Ads
Facebook is engaging in another embarrassing episode of
censorship this week after refusing to show political ads
submitted by the Just Say Now marijuana legalization
campaign aimed a California ballot measure.  The situation
is an important reminder that social networks like Facebook
are "walled gardens" with overseers whose interests can
overwrite free speech, open communication, and in this
case, essential political debate.

* Musopen Wants to Give Classical Music to the Public
The classical music archive Musopen needs your help to
liberate some classic symphonies from copyright

* Jury Invalidates One of EFF's 'Most Wanted' Patents
A jury in the Eastern District of Texas in a case defended
by Google recently found one of EFF's "Most Wanted"
patents, the Firepond/Polaris patent invalid. This patent
was on EFF's "Most Wanted"  list because it claimed nothing
more than a system using natural language processing to
respond to customers' online inquires by email.

* Steve Jobs Is Watching You: Apple Seeking to Patent
While users were celebrating the new jailbreaking and
unlocking exemptions, Apple was quietly applying for a
patent on extremely creepy technology that, among other
things, would allow Apple to identify and punish users who
take advantage of those exemptions or otherwise tinker with
their devices.

* UPDATED: Security Researcher Arrested for Refusing to
  Disclose Anonymous Source
An Indian computer scientist who demonstrated the
vulnerabilities in India's paperless electronic voting
machines was arrested last weekend after he refused to
disclose who gave him the machine. Rather than face the
problems in their voting equipment, Indian authorities have
charged the scientist with theft.

* "E-Personation" Bill Could Be Used to Punish On-line
   Critics, Undermine First Amendment Protections for Parody
A troubling bill that could undermine a new and important
form of online activism has quietly worked its way through
the California legislature.

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~ Is 'Private' Data on Social Networks
A California federal court ruling holds that messages and
comments on social networks visible to a restricted set of
users are protected against civil subpoenas.

~ Medieval Copy Protection
"Should anyone by craft of any device abstract this book
from this place may his soul suffer."

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* Stomping for Digital Civil Liberties This Weekend! 
Michael Wigren of WKID "Froggy" Radio in Vevay, Indiana,
will stomp grapes in support of EFF.
When:  August 28, 2010, noon
Where: Swiss Wine Festival, Vevay, IN

* EFF at Ohio LinuxFest
Visit the EFF table at the eighth annual Ohio LinuxFest,
and learn more about our latest work. We'll have event-only
membership and shop item specials available!
When:  September 10-12, 2010
Where: Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH

* EFF at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum
The fifth annual meeting of the United Nations Internet
Governance Forum will take place in Vilnus, Lithuania,
September 14-17, 2010. EFF staffers are participating in
presentations and panel discussions this year, and have
co-organized workshops about privacy and Internet
When:  September 14-17, 2010
Where: Vilnus, Lithuania
For a listing of EFF's workshops at IGF, go to:

* Constitutional Rights On the Digital Frontier
EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn will present two keynote
addresses at Des Moines Area Community College's Sixth
Annual Constitution Day. 
When:  Thursday, September 16, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
Where: Newton Campus, Des Moines, IA
When:  Friday, September 17, 2010, 10:1011:05 a.m.
Where: Ankeny Campus, Des Moines, IA

* Utah Cyber Symposium 2010: Strengthening Professionals'
 High Tech Presence
EFF Senior Staff Attorney Marcia Hoffman will be speaking
at the Cyber Symposium, a full day seminar covering the
latest business and legal issues relating to the high tech
When:  September 17, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Where: Garden Visitors Center, Lehi, UT

* Copyright Criminals
A showing of the film Copyright Criminals  will be followed
by an expert speakers panel including Steinski, Amp Live,
hip-hop historian, Jeff Chang, Tim Jones of the Electronic
Frontier Foundation and entertainment lawyer Tony Berman.
When:  September 23, 2010; Doors at 7pm, Film Screening at
      8:30pm, Panel Discussion at 9:30 p.m.       
Where: Mighty Club, 119 Utah St., San Francisco, CA

* EFF At Hacker Halted Event
EFF members and newsletter subscribers receive a $100
discount off the 2-day conference fees.
When:  October 9-15, 2010
Where: Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, FL

* Save the Date! EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards Hosted By
 Cory Doctorow!! 
Prolific author, blogger, and tireless advocate of freedom
in the networked world Cory Doctorow returns to San
Francisco to host EFF's 19th Annual Pioneer Awards.
When: November 8, 2010
Where: San Francisco, CA

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* Dream Job Alerts! 

* Web Developer: EFF is is seeking a full-time programmer
to help build websites and web applications that protect
and promote civil liberties in the digital world. The Web
Developer will be responsible for maintaining and improving
EFF's existing websites. We'll also be counting on your
creative ideas for future web projects. Current projects
include both content-oriented sites like,
Surveillance Self-Defense and Teaching Copyright, as well
as cutting-edge creative web applications like,
Panopticlick, Total Election Awareness and HTTPS
Everywhere. For a full job description go to:

* Senior Copyright Attorney: EFF is seeking a senior-level
copyright attorney. Responsibilities to include litigation, 
public speaking,blogging, media outreach, and legislative 
and regulatorymatters related to a variety of high technology 
legalissues. For a full job description, go to:

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