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EFFector - Volume 22, Issue 18 - EFF Has challenged Government’s “Back Door Wiretap”


EFFector - Volume 22, Issue 18 - EFF Has challenged Government’s “Back Door Wiretap”

EFFector Vol. 22, No. 18  June 12, 2009

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424

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In our 512th issue:

urging the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to hold that
the government's seizure of defendant Stephen Warshak's
email without a warrant violated the Fourth Amendment and
federal privacy statutes, as well as the Justice
Department's own surveillance manual. The government
accomplished this "back door wiretap" by illegally ordering
Warshak's email provider to prospectively "preserve" copies
of his future emails, a misuse the Stored Communications
Act, which is only supposed to be used for obtaining emails
already in storage with a provider.

In an amicus brief filed earlier this week, EFF argues that
the government's seizure violated federal privacy laws and
Warshak's Fourth Amendment expectation of privacy in his
email. As a result, the illegally seized emails should have
been suppressed by the district court where Warshak was
tried. All told, the government acquired over 27,000 emails
spanning over six months from Warshak's email provider, all
without probable cause.

For the full press release:

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EFF Updates

* France Declares Three Strikes Unconstitutional
The Conseil Constitutionnel has declared the most important
parts of HADOPI unconstitutional and invalidated the
legislation's authority to issue termination orders to

* China's Spy in the Home
The Chinese Ministry of Industry and IT's announcement that
all PCs sold in China must include government-approved
filtering software is a profoundly worrying development for
online privacy and free speech in that country.

* Google Book Search Settlement: Foster Competition
What would create an eBook marketplace with an opportunity
for real competition? Escrow the scans.

* Cookies Crumbling
YouTube takes a small step to increase privacy of visitors by essentially ignoring account
cookies for videos viewed on

* EFF Comments on Child Safe Viewing Act
Recently, EFF filed comments with the FCC in connection
with the Child Safe Viewing Act of 2007, which requires the
FCC to conduct a study of V-chip-like blocking technologies
that might apply to more than just television viewing
such as Internet access.

* The Child Safe Viewing Act and Another DMCA Victim
TVGuardian and companies like it are unexpected victims of
DRM and the DMCA, but the conflict between copyright law
and companies that try to edit or block "offensive"
language or images in movies is nothing new.

* Hollywood Drives Us into the "Analog Sunset"
The AACS licensing authority has released the "Final
Adopter Agreement" it plans to enforce against consumer
electronics companies that make BluRay players (and any
other AACS devices that come along)

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~ Zotero Suit Dismissed
The legal battle between the proprietary EndNote academic
citation software and the open-source Zotero software has

~ Swedish Pirate Party Gains Seat in EU Parliament
The Pirate Party received a reported 7.1% of the votes in
Swedish elections, giving the party representation at the
European Parliament.

~ RIP: A Remix Manifesto Showing and Panel in NYC
This buzz-worthy documentary about remix and participatory
creativity is making its debut in New York City on Friday,
June 19.

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Nominations are reviewed by a panel of judges chosen for
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3. Why you feel the nominee deserves the award.

Nominee Criteria:

There are no specific categories for the EFF Pioneer
Awards, but the following guidelines apply:

1. The nominees must have contributed substantially to the
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2. To be valid, all nominations must contain your reason,
however brief, for nominating the individual or
organization and a means of contacting the nominee. In
addition, while anonymous nominations will be accepted,
ideally we'd like to contact the nominating parties in case
we need further information.

3. The contribution may be technical, social, economic, or

4. Nominations may be of individuals, systems, or
organizations in the private or public sectors.

5. Nominations are open to all (other than current members
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judges), and you may nominate more than one recipient. You
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More on the EFF Pioneer Awards:

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