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EFFector - Volume 21, Issue 40 - EFF Seeking Greater Protections For Video Remixing and Cell Phone Unlocking


EFFector - Volume 21, Issue 40 - EFF Seeking Greater Protections For Video Remixing and Cell Phone Unlocking

EFFector Vol. 21, No. 40  December 5, 2008

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation 
ISSN 1062-9424

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In our 492nd issue:

CELL PHONE UNLOCKING, activities currently vulnerable to
legal action under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
(DMCA). Every three years, the Copyright Office considers
creating exemptions to the DMCA's ban on circumvention to
mitigate the harms the law has caused to legitimate,
non-infringing uses of copyrighted materials. EFF's filing
asks for DMCA exemptions for amateur creators who use
excerpts from DVDs in order to create new, noncommercial
works and for iPhone jailbreakers looking to install
applications not found in the "app store." EFF is also
asking for a renewal of an exemption for those who unlock
cell phones so that the handsets can be used with any
telecommunications carrier. These requests seek to legalize
free speech, fair use, and market competition currently
outlawed under the DMCA.

For more information about the filing:

For EFF's press release:

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EFF Updates

* EFF Fights Against Telecom Immunity in Hearing 
Earlier this week, EFF argued against the flawed FISA
Amendments Act, which robs innocent telecom customers of
their rights without due process of law.

* EFF Urges Court to Reject Appeal in Tiffany v. eBay 
If successful, the jewelry company's quest to expand
trademark law could quash Internet commerce.

* Apple Downgrades Macbook Video with DRM 
Recently launched Macbooks use a new, DRM-laced Mini
DisplayPort, enabling the computer to disallow external
viewing devices.

* A "Grey Hat" Guide for Security Researchers 
Jennifer Granick offers tips on how to conduct and publish
research on security vulnerabilities with the least risk of
running afoul of the law.

* Apple Confuses Free Speech with a DMCA Violation 
Apple has no legal basis for the "cease and desist" letter
sent to bluwiki regarding the iPod Hash project.

* Censorship in the 21st Century: Targeting Intermediaries
Recent attempts to limit free speech target the middle man,
but the law often doesn't require him to become a censor.

* Content Now Under Creative Commons License
President-elect Obama gives the go-ahead for sharing and
remixing his transition team's content.

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~ Obama's Attorney General Pick: Good on Privacy? 
Eric Holder has an unfortunate history of supporting
schemes that broaden law enforcement powers at the cost of
privacy and other civil liberties.

~ Principles for an Open Transition 
Leaders of the open government movement published three
principles to guide President-elect Obama's transition team
in fostering greater speech and participation.

~ Music Blogs Face Sudden Censorship Spike 
Blogger has been deleting entire posts from music bloggers'
websites without warning or adequate explanation.

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