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EFFector - Volume 21, Issue 24 - Viacom and Google Upped Commitments to Users’ Privacy This Week


EFFector - Volume 21, Issue 24 - Viacom and Google Upped Commitments to Users’ Privacy This Week

EFFector Vol. 21, No. 24  July 17, 2008

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424

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In our 477th issue:

LAST WEEK, EFF recognizes that the year-long battle was
made possible by record-breaking resistance from a fearless
cadre of organizations and individuals. This resulted in
far more opposition than immunity proponents were
bargaining for when they initially sought to hide from
accountability for cooperation with warrantless spying. In
spite of the support of powerful corporations, and
incessant political posturing by the Executive branch, wave
after wave of public opposition delayed passage of immunity
over and over and over again.

Though telecom immunity was eventually passed in the FISA
Amendments Act, the fight is far from over. We have shown
that there is a constituency -- a loud, organized, and
active constituency -- that will passionately defend the
Constitution, privacy rights, and the rule of law.
Lawmakers risk their offices in ignoring this principled,
tireless, permanent movement.

Also, EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston guest
blogged for The Hill, declaring that "our long war against
warrantless wiretapping has only just begun."

THIS WEEK in response to concerns aired by EFF after a
court order that could have exposed the viewing habits of
YouTube users. While the proposals are not perfect, they
represent a sensitivity to users' privacy, even amidst
controversial litigation. Viacom and Google have agreed
that user IDs and IP addresses will be replaced with a
"unique substituted value," and also that the parties will
not try to reverse-engineer real identities from the unique

In addition, Viacom's General Counsel sent EFF a letter
promising not to change the plan to protect users' privacy
without informing EFF -- which leaves a chance for EFF to
air privacy concerns in court if need be.

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EFF Updates

* You Bought It, But You Don't Own It
In a blow to users' rights, an Arizona federal court has
ruled that software users can be guilty of copyright
infringement if they violate the end user license agreement
by loading the software in RAM, when the software is
"licensed" and not sold.

* Tiffany v. eBay: Court Rejects Tiffany's Expansive
Trademark Infringement Theories
A ruling in a case about eBay's advertising of Tiffany
jewelry confirms that trademark law is about consumer
protection, not about squelching speech.

* FCC Chairman Hints at Order Against Comcast
FCC Chairman Kevin Martin signaled that the FCC may issue
an order against Comcast in the wake of the scandal over
their use of packet forgery to interfere with BitTorrent,
Gnutella, and other Internet protocols.

* Sixth Circuit Dodges Constitutional Question on Email
The appeals court decided not to address a critical
question: Does the Fourth Amendment require the government
to obtain a search warrant based on probable cause before
secretly rifling through your Yahoo! mail or Gmail

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~ Apple Sues Psystar
The Psystar OpenMac has incurred the wrath of the "Closed
Software Movement."

~ Prosecutor Flagged by US Terror Watch List
Air travel is difficult for Assistant Attorney General Jim
Robinson, who has been put on a secret list by mistake.

~ A Foreign Correspondent Speaks Out About the FISA
Amendments Act
Chris Hedges is a long-time reporter on the Middle East and
says his ability to report the news will be compromised.,0,1553314.story

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