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EFFector - Volume 19, Issue 36 - URGENT Action Alert - Last Chance to Stop the Surveillance Bills!


EFFector - Volume 19, Issue 36 - URGENT Action Alert - Last Chance to Stop the Surveillance Bills!

EFFector Vol. 19, No. 36  September 25, 2006

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424

In the 397th Issue of EFFector:

 * URGENT Action Alert - Last Chance to Stop the Surveillance Bills!
 * Disney-Owned Label To Sell Full Jesse McCartney Album in MP3
 * EFF Seeks Designer/Activist
 * miniLinks (4): OneWebDay, an Earth Day for the Web
 * Administrivia

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* URGENT Action Alert - Last Chance to Stop the Surveillance 
Bills Before the Election! 

For the last two months, your phone calls and letters have 
helped hold back the dangerous surveillance bills in 
Congress. These bills threaten vigorous judicial oversight 
of the illegal NSA spying program and let the government off 
the hook for breaking the law. 

Without exaggeration, these bills represent the greatest 
expansion of government surveillance power ever considered 
by Congress.

Now various Senators are trying to rush these bills through 
at the last minute, prior to Congress' October recess. Even 
if you have called your Senator about these bills before, it 
is critical that you do so again now and help stop the 
illegal surveillance:

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* Disney-Owned Label To Sell Full Jesse McCartney Album in 

Two months ago, Sony released the new Jessica Simpson single 
in MP3 format through Yahoo! Music. This week, Variety (via 
PaidContent) reports that Disney-owned Hollywood Records 
will release Jesse McCartney's full album in MP3. It seems 
that some major record label execs may finally be coming to 
their senses:

"We're trying to be realistic," said Ken Bunt, senior VP of 
marketing at Hollywood Records. "Jesse's single is already 
online and we haven't put it out. Piracy happens regardless 
of what we do. So we're going to see how Jesse's album goes 
(as an MP3) and then decide on others going forward."

Kudos to Yahoo! for making progress on this front, even if 
this is just a baby step in the right direction by the major 
record labels. DRM won't stop or even meaningfully slow 
"Internet piracy." And after years of pushing for improved 
compatibility with DRM formats, the record labels have 
witnessed more, not less, balkanization of music services 
and devices. If the record labels really care about making 
sure their customers can play music on the devices of their 
choice, the only solution that plays-for-sure is an 
unencrypted format like MP3.

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* EFF Seeks Designer/Activist

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit 
organization based in San Francisco's Mission District, is 
looking to hire an outgoing individual with an artistic 
background who wants to lead others and change the world.

EFF's activists translate our efforts to protect digital 
rights into action campaigns that get the public involved.  
This person would also provide the organization with design 
help, everywhere from the front page of our website to our 
t-shirts and membership brochures. The ideal candidate will 
be able to do illustrations and graphics work to make our 
web campaigns, print media, and donor gifts look great.

Job responsibilities include:

* Creating powerful images about key issues for our website
* Coordinating and developing graphics for grassroots 
awareness campaigns that can drive people to our website and 
to take action
* Working with other public interest groups on grassroots 
* Editing written materials for the website

* Intimate knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator
* Experience designing for web and print
* Excellent writing skills
* Great project management skills
* A passion for internet civil liberties issues

Not required, but very helpful:
* Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
* Experience creating flash animations
* A healthy relationship with blogging software
* Database expertise

Environment is fast-paced, work is cutting edge, staff is 
hardworking yet laid back and friendly.

Salary in the mid $30,000s and includes benefits package. 
This is a new position.

To apply, send a cover letter and your resume, in a non-
proprietary format, to Include links to 
samples of your work. No phone calls please!

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* miniLinks
The week's noteworthy news, compressed.

~ OneWebDay, an Earth Day for the Web
Celebrations took place around the world last week, offline 
and online.

~ Data Retention Bill Rears its Ugly Head
AOL search data debacle fresh in everyone's minds, except 
for the Attorney General's.

~ Yet Another Sony Rootkit Flaw Found
Texas Attorney General makes the discovery.

~ House Committee Moves Surveillance Bill Forward
But will a similar bill come out of the Senate?

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* Administrivia

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