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EFFector - Volume 16, Issue 33 - Secretary of State Shelley Announces E-Voting Machine Requirement


EFFector - Volume 16, Issue 33 - Secretary of State Shelley Announces E-Voting Machine Requirement

EFFector       Vol. 16, No. 33       November 23, 2003

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation     ISSN 1062-9424

In the 272nd Issue of EFFector:

Secretary of State Shelley Announces E-Voting Machine Requirement

California Takes Lead in Protecting Democratic Voting

Sacramento, CA - Responding to a raft of reports detailing flaws in electronic voting systems, California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley this week announced that he is requiring all electronic voting systems purchased by California counties to provide a paper printout that would allow voters to verify their votes and auditors to verify election results.

The Secretary of State is responsible for certifying all voting machines used for elections within the state of California. EFF has urged election officials and legislators to require that electronic voting machines use publicly reviewed software and generate a paper record, giving voters the ability to verify their votes as well as creating a "paper trail" for potential recounts.

"Secretary of State Shelley has taken a courageous and important step in response to the growing public concern about the security of voting machines," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "Paper audit trails are currently the best way to prevent anyone from bungling or stealing our elections."

"We hope that California can continue to lead the country and the world in implementing secure electronic voting standards," added EFF Activist Ren Bucholz.

"By requiring a voter-verified paper trail, the Secretary of State has taken a critical step toward preserving the integrity of the voting process in the wake of new technologies that change the ways in which we vote," commented California Voter Foundation President Kim Alexander.


Media coverage:

Court Hears Case on Recording Industry Threats

PacBell ISP Defends Customers' Privacy

San Francisco - In a hearing Friday, Pacific Bell Internet Services defended the privacy of its Internet service customers in the wake of legal threats by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

EFF, the ACLU, and 15 other consumer, child safety, and privacy organizations filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of PacBell in its struggle to protect users' privacy after the RIAA issued non-judicial subpoenas under section 512(h) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). These subpoenas require no judicial oversight or lawsuit before an Internet user's name, address and phone number are turned over to anyone claiming to be a copyright holder.

"PacBell has resisted the RIAA's reckless subpoenas because they have a legitimate interest in protecting their customers' privacy," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn.

The ACLU/EFF brief argues that, in addition to the problems raised by PacBell, section 512(h) does not provide sufficient due process for Internet users. "This provision is so devoid of procedural protections that it is an invitation to mistake and abuse," the brief asserts.


Media coverage:

Slim Devices to Donate 10% of Net Profits to EFF

Defending Online Rights Is Corporate Responsibility

Mountain View, CA - Slim Devices, Inc., announced this week a wide-ranging relationship with EFF to support and promote the foundation's work to its customers.

"Every day the digital rights of citizens are under attack by special interests that want to protect antiquated business models rather than embrace the opportunities created by new technologies," said Sean Adams, president of Slim Devices, Inc. "EFF is at the forefront of this consumer rights issue, and we are pleased to do our part by mobilizing our customers. We hope that this will encourage other corporations to actively protect the digital rights of their customers."

Slim Devices' support of EFF includes donating 10% of net profits generated from sales its new product, the Squeezebox(TM) network MP3 player, through the website.

"It's great to see companies like Slim Devices show corporate leadership and take an active interest in protecting the rights of their customers," said Shari Steele, Executive Director of EFF. "We hope they can help us bring together more companies to expand this outreach in a systematic manner."


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