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EFFector - Volume 14, Issue 28 - Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law Overbroad and Overreaching


EFFector - Volume 14, Issue 28 - Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law Overbroad and Overreaching

   EFFector       Vol. 14, No. 28       Sep. 28, 2001

   A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation     ISSN 1062-9424

    In the 188th Issue of EFFector (now with over 29,200 subscribers!):

     * Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law Overbroad and Overreaching
     * BayFF: Find Out How Bush's Anti-Terrorism Legislation Will Affect
       Our Civil Liberties
     * 'In Defense of Freedom' Declaration
     * Webcast of EFF's Music Share In Available
     * DMCA Threats Squelch Publication of Secret Church Document on
     * EFF Seeks Media Intern
     * EFF Thanks Aspen Legal Media
     * Administrivia

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Proposed Anti-Terrorism Law Overbroad and Overreaching

  Act Today and Ask Your Legislators to Remove Dangerous Provisions

    Electronic Frontier Foundation ACTION ALERT

    (Issued: Friday, September 28, 2001 / Deadline: Friday, October 7, 2001,
    unless extended)

   Legislators are finally becoming aware of civil liberties concerns
   surrounding the draft Anti-Terrorism Act and related legislation. Our
   activism is paying off.

   The House Judiciary Committee is preparing a draft revision that
   removes many of the ATA's most troubling provisions, and there may be
   more room later in the process to improve the final version of
   anti-terrorism legislation before it passes. While this is a good
   sign, this is not a time to slack off.

   If you have not yet read and responded to EFF's prior action alerts on
   this issue, please do so as soon as possible. Much action on this
   legislation, perhaps even passage and signing into law, is expected
   next week.

   EFF Alerts:

   Summary of draft House compromise bill:
   EFF response to pro-surveillance criticism:

   For bill texts and analyses, see the EFF Surveillance Archive:

  About EFF:

   The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading civil liberties
   organization working to protect rights in the digital world. Founded
   in 1990, EFF actively encourages and challenges industry and
   government to support free expression, privacy, and openness in the
   information society. EFF is a member-supported organization and
   maintains one of the most linked-to Web sites in the world:


     Lee Tien, EFF Senior First Amendment Attorney
       +1 415-436-9333 x102

     Will Doherty, EFF Online Activist / Media Relations
       +1 415-436-9333 x111

                                  - end -

Find Out How Bush's Anti-Terrorism Legislation Will Affect Our Civil Liberties

Electronic Frontier Foundation's "BayFF" - Thursday, October 11th

   Ann Brick - Staff Attorney, ACLU of Northern California
   Cindy Cohn - Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF),
   Panel Moderator
   Robert Rubin- Legal Director, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights of
   the SF Bay Area
   Kevin Poulsen - Journalist, Security Focus Magazine
   Lee Tien - Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

   "BayFF" Panel Discussion on the new Anti-Terrorism Legislation, and
   its effects on civil liberties

   Thursday, October 11th, 2001 - 6PM

   San Francisco Public Library
   Room: Koret Auditorium
   100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
   Tel: 415-557-4400 (for directions only)

   This event is free and open to the general public. Food and beverages
   will be available. The Electronic Frontier Foundation
   ( is the leading civil liberties organization
   working to protect rights in the digital world.

                                  - end -

'In Defense of Freedom' Declaration

  100,000 Signatures Needed in 100 Hours

   In Defense of Freedom is a recent declaration currently signed and
   supported by 150 organizations, 300 lawyers, and 40 computer
   scientists. They need signatures urgently in the next 100 hours. Their
   statement and declaration is below.

   We have 100 hours to get signatures for the IDOF statement from
   100,000 people across the country. Please urge your members (and
   people on your lists) to express their support for the principles
   contained in the IDOF statement now. Send the message now.


   1. On September 11, 2001 thousands of people lost their lives in a
   brutal assault on the American people and the American form of
   government. We mourn the loss of these innocent lives and insist that
   those who perpetrated these acts be held accountable.

   2. This tragedy requires all Americans to examine carefully the steps
   our country may now take to reduce the risk of future terrorist

   3. We need to consider proposals calmly and deliberately with a
   determination not to erode the liberties and freedoms that are at the
   core of the American way of life.

   4. We need to ensure that actions by our government uphold the
   principles of a democratic society, accountable government and
   international law, and that all decisions are taken in a manner
   consistent with the Constitution.

   6. We should resist the temptation to enact proposals in the mistaken
   belief that anything that may be called anti-terrorist will
   necessarily provide greater security.

   7. We should resist efforts to target people because of their race,
   religion, ethnic background or appearance, including immigrants in
   general, Arab Americans and Muslims.

   8. We affirm the right of peaceful dissent, protected by the First
   Amendment, now, when it is most at risk.

   9. We should applaud our political leaders in the days ahead who have
   the courage to say that our freedoms should not be limited.

   10. We must have faith in our democratic system and our Constitution,
   and in our ability to protect at the same time both the freedom and
   the security of all Americans

                                  - end -

Webcast of EFF Music Share In Available

   EFF's first annual music Share In took place on September 8th and was
   a great success. In the spirit of the 60s "Be Ins" that were held in
   Golden Gate Park, the Share In celebrated the free exchange of
   creative work and featured 11 bands from around the Bay Area
   performing on two separate stages in Golden Gate Park.

   EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow and executive director Shari Steele
   hosted the stages along with activist-clown Wavy Gravy. They educated
   the audience on EFF's mission and work. They also explained our Open
   Audio License (OAL) and its importance in creating more choice for
   both musicians and music lovers.

   EFF would like to thank all of the musicians who donated their
   performances to the Share In. They are: singer/songwriter Adrian West,
   the jazzy Alex Buccat Quartet featuring Sanaz, folk/pop band Atticus
   Scout, high altitude bluegrass string band Hot Buttered Rum, soulful
   solo performer Michael Musika, the political satirists of The Planning
   Commission, Berkeley-based party band Shady Lady, classical Indian
   instrumentalists Srini and Raja, children's performer Susie Tallman,
   acoustic rock performer Vanessa Lowe, and singer/songwriter Wendy

   Artists participating in the Share In permitted recording of their
   performances by those in attendance in support of the Open Audio
   License, and many shouted messages from the stage supporting the OAL
   and the importance of sharing music.

   EFF would also like to thank Guitar Center, Berkeley Center for Law
   and Technology, Hertz Equipment Rental, and SF Bay Guardian for their
   generous sponsorship and support.

   All music from the main stage of the Share In was webcast by eClipsnow
   ( To view the performances, see:

   Plans are also in progress for a Share In compilation CD.

                                  - end -

DMCA Threats Squelch Publication of Secret Church Document on Homosexuality

   Citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), publication of a
   secret document dealing with "curing homosexuality" is under attack
   and a free speech online archive has been gagged. The Mormon Church
   claims its publishing arm, Intellectual Reserve, owns the copyright in
   a leaked internal church document titled, "Understanding and Helping
   Individuals with Homosexual Problems," which the church uses for
   training its social service workers.

   On September 19th, Attorneys for the church demanded that the
   controversial document be removed from the Web site,, an
   archive that publishes information which governments or corporations
   attempt to suppress. The church's lawyers contacted the legal
   department of Cryptome's Internet Service Provider (ISP) Verio and
   ordered it to terminate access to the document according to Section
   512 (c) of the DMCA, which only limits liability for ISPs who disable
   their customer's Web site upon receipt of a complaint of copyright
   infringement. Verio then required Cryptome to remove the document or
   face termination of its entire online archive, as required by the


                                  - end -

EFF Seeks Media Intern

   The Electronic Frontier Foundation seeks a Media intern to focus on
   media tasks such as media interview assignments, media releases, media
   professional relationships, and mediabase and media coverage archival.
   Basic HTML skills and general computer competence helpful. Very
   helpful if you have your own laptop and/or home Internet access.

   Interns will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in the EFF office
   at least two days per week. School credit may be available.

   Timeframe: Needed immediately, for each semester. Minimum commitment 2
   days per week for at least three months.

   For more information, see the EFF website at:

   Or contact Will Doherty, Online Activist / Media Relations,

                                  - end -

EFF Thanks Aspen Legal Media

   EFF extends its gratitude to Matt Gallaway, Legal Editor at Aspen
   Legal Media, for arranging the donation of Prof. Paul Goldstein's 4
   volume Copyright Law treatise.

   Aspen Law & Business is an imprint of Aspen Publishers, Inc., which
   for more than 40 years has served the needs of legal, business, and
   health care professionals with timely books, periodicals, and
   information services by leading authorities. Today, Aspen publishes
   more than 400 journals, newsletters, electronic products, and
   looseleaf reference manuals and has more than 1,000 books in print.

                                  - end -


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