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CalECPA Disclosures 2016-2021


CalECPA Disclosures 2016-2021

Update April 10, 2023: EFF has decided to no longer host this data, since the regularly updated data is now available on the Open Justice website.

The California Department of Justice provided us with electronic search warrant data from across the state for 2016 through 2021 as required by the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act. As noted in this blog post, the CADOJ is supposed to publish this data online and update it regularly. However, CADOJ took the data down in summer 2022 and as of February 2023 has still not posted it online.

Update, Feb. 8, 2023: The California Department of Justice has provided EFF with updated search warrant data for 2020, 2021, and 2022, with personal information redacted. We have uploaded the data below accordingly. An agency spokesperson said via email, "We are currently reviewing our procedures and we will follow up once the datasets are live on OpenJustice. We do not have an exact timeline, but our team is working on getting it back online as quickly as possible."

Update, Feb 1, 2023: Out of an abundance of caution, EFF has temporarily replaced the CalECPA disclosure data from 2020-2022 with new versions that do not include the "nature of investigation" and "facts giving rise to the emergency" columns. Following our publication of the data, the California Department of Justice (CADOJ) contacted alerted us that staff had failed to properly redact potentially personal information from these fields. The agency has committed to reviewing the data and providing updated information. We will update the files on this page when we receive the data. For more information and the CADOJ's statement please see our blog post. In the meantime, journalists and researchers can email with any immediate data requirements.

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