You weathered a year that pressed the limits of endurance. But thankfully, the more we leaned on technology to stay connected, the harder EFF members fought to protect privacy, security, and free expression. This collective mission is more meaningful than ever, and you can keep us going strong.

If you donate to EFF before the end of 2020, you’ll help defend digital freedom for all—and you’ll also help EFF unlock up to $75,000 in challenge grants.

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Every person makes a difference in the online rights movement, and every person counts in our Year-End Challenge. As the number of supporters grows, EFF unlocks a series of challenge grants that grow larger after each milestone. Thank you to EFF's Board of Directors for making these potential grants possible! Pitch in to reach the final goal by December 31st.

The past ten months confirmed just how urgently we need secure, inclusive access to digital tools, and EFF has been on your side every step of the way.

This year alone: EFF led the charge against the EARN IT Act in the U.S. and similar efforts in the European Union that would break encryption; EFF launched the Atlas of Surveillance, the largest searchable database of U.S. law enforcement’s spying technologies; EFF is fending off persistent attempts to dismantle Section 230 and gut free speech online; EFF is fighting for an open Internet and real broadband for all; and we’re analyzing the privacy protections for tools made to track COVID-19; and we're battling both alarming copyright legislation slipped into in the must-pass omnibus spending package, and a DMCA "reform" proposal that would give the Copyright Office new powers to effectively regulate much of the Internet.

After 30 years of standing with tech users against the dark impulses of governments and corporations, EFF knows the unique impact of our mission: we must protect our right to explore ideas, express ourselves, and connect to each other online for the future of civil liberties and human rights.

This has been an exceptionally hard year in many respects, but with your help we have opportunities to set things right. It's time to turn the page. Donate to EFF during our Year-End Challenge, and help us unlock additional grants when it matters most!

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