Right now you can help EFF receive a portion of a $150,000 donation pool just by casting your vote! EFF is one of the three nonprofits featured in CREDO's giving group this month, so if you vote for EFF by October 31 you will direct a bigger piece of the donation pie toward protecting online freedom.

Since its founding, CREDO's mobile, energy, long distance, and credit card services customers have raised more than $90 million for charity. Their mobile customers generate the funds as they use paid services, and each month CREDO encourages the public to choose from three nonprofit recipients that drive positive change.

Anyone in the U.S. can visit the CREDO Donations site and vote for EFF, so spread the word! The more votes we receive, the higher our share of this month's donation pool.

EFF is celebrating its 30th year of fighting for technology users, and your rights online have never mattered more than they do today. Your privacy, access to secure tools, and free expression play crucial roles in seeing us through the pandemic, protecting human rights, and ensuring a brighter future online. Help defend digital freedom and vote for EFF today!