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What the !#@% is a Passkey?

A new login technique is becoming available in 2023: the passkey. The passkey promises to solve phishing and prevent password reuse. But lots of smart and security-oriented folks are confused about what exactly a passkey is. There’s a good reason for that. A passkey is in some sense one of...
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Speaking Freely: Nadine Strossen

Nadine Strossen is a leading voice for freedom of speech as a scholar and an activist in the US and globally. She is a constitutional law professor at New York Law School, a Senior Fellow with FIRE, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, and was the President of the...
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لا ينبغي أن يكون الوصول إلى الإنترنت ورقة مساومة في المعارك الجيوسياسية

We at EFF are horrified by the events transpiring in the Middle East: Hamas’ deadly attack on southern Israel last weekend and Israel’s ongoing retributive military attack and siege on Gaza. While we are not experts in military strategy or international diplomacy, we do have expertise with how human rights...
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Social Media Platforms Must Do Better When Handling Misinformation, Especially During Moments of Conflict

In moments of political tension and social conflict, people have turned to social media to share information, speak truth to power, and report uncensored information from their communities. Just over a decade ago, social media was celebrated widely as a booster—if not a catalyst—for the democratic uprisings that swept...

SeaGL 2023

EFF is excited to support this year's Seattle GNU/Linux Conference, also known as SeaGL! This grassroots technical summit is dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about free/libre/open source software, hardware, and culture. As in past years, this year's SeaGL is free and open to everyone! The conference is in...

Digital Rights Updates with EFFector 35.13

It's spooky season 🎃 But don't let the latest digital rights news scare you—we've got a breakdown of the latest headlines with our EFFector newsletter. This latest issue covers the government spying law Section 702 and why it must end; our fight against the Kids Online Safety Act, and other...


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