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Podcast Episode - Who Inserted the Creepy?

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Greenpeace Stands Up Against SLAPPs And Wins 

The U.S. litigation system is meant to resolve serious disputes. Unfortunately, the high cost of litigation can be weaponized as a means of harassment and censorship. That’s become all too common, and the last few decades have seen the rise of what’s known as a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation,...

Three pie-eyed.onions play jumprope together, centered in three concentric circles.

EFF 现拥有 Tor 洋葱地址

今天,我们宣布为 及其两个关联项目推出 .onion 地址:Certbot 是 EFF 开发的用于自动获取和更新网站 TLS 证书以及监控自我防御的工具,为个人和组织提供资源及指导,保护其免受监控和其他安全威胁。我们已经发现,有些情况意味着我们的某些资源可能正在受到审查。通过 Tor .onion 地址访问这些网站,用户可以在更进一步保护自身隐私和安全的同时,多一条途径来访问重要的信息。Tor onion 地址是托管在 Tor 网络的隐蔽服务的唯一标识符。它由一串随机的字母和数字组成,后缀“.onion”顶级域名。传统网站使用公共 IP 地址,可被用来定位托管网站的服务器;与之不同,Tor 隐蔽服务在 Tor 网络上拥有唯一地址,可实现端到端的加密和匿名。Tor 通过数个“中继站”路由连接,这些中继站由分散在世界各地的不同个人或组织运行。最后的“出口中继站”一般会连接至 eff.orgISP 可以看到您正在使用 Tor,但无法轻易看到您正在访问的网站。Tor 洋葱地址可以很好地在 Tor 网络中托管您网站的“副本”,而无需通过出口中继站“离开”,提供多一层的保护和隐匿性。EFF 与 Tor 合作已久,并为该项目提供支持。因此,为了世界各地生活在压迫性政权和法律统治下,受到变本加厉的网络监控的人们,我们乐于将自己的资源托管在 Tor 网络上。eff.orgiykpqm7jiradoeezzkhj7c4b33g4hbgfwelht2evxxeicbpjy44c7ead.onioncertbot.eff.org5yl6j7al5iwjn3kltayvumj5d25agnq4t6rznkvphossoqyzb3batwid.onionssd.eff.orgy7yea4pmqqtznb33qiugvysyn2bob5v62e4pvoadoibrwkq3tsddjeyd.onion

Internal Documents Show How Little the FBI Did to Correct Misuse of Section 702 Databases

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released internal documents used to guide agency personnel on how to search the massive databases of information collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, including communications collected without a warrant under Section 702. Despite reassurances from the intelligence community about its “...

Security camera screens display logos for Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Twitter, and Reddit

Your Messaging Service Should Not Be a DEA Informant

A new U.S. Senate bill would require private messaging services, social media companies, and even cloud providers to report their users to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) if they find out about certain illegal drug sales. This would lead to inaccurate reports and turn messaging services into government informants.

The DMCA Cannot Protect You From Your Own Words

There is a loud debate raging over what companies should and shouldn’t be doing about the things people say on their platforms. What people often seem to forget is that we already know the dangers of providing a quick way for people to remove criticism of themselves from the internet....


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