The RIAA and MPAA have been
href="">jostling to get the
broadcast flag and audio flag into the monster telecom reform bill. These are two of the bills that our recent Corruptibles animation describes -- not futuristic theories about what Hollywood could do, but actual laws being considered right now.

The flags got into Senator Ted Stevens' (R-AK) bill, which is being considered in committee tomorrow (Thursday). But Senator John Sununu (R-NH), who
href="">peppered the MPAA and RIAA with tough questions when they spoke to the committee, has filed an amendment to get the flags thrown out. This amendment has a legitimate chance -- Democrats are angry at the anti-consumer tone of the final bill, and Republicans are chafing at the entertainment industry's yearning to over-regulate another market.

If you're in the states listed below, call your Senator NOW, and ask him or her to support the Sununu amendment to remove both TV and audio flags (he also has an amendment to modify the audio flag, so be clear you want to kick out both flags). If your Senator is a Republican, emphasize the danger of giving the FCC extra regulatory powers. If your Senator is a Democrat, emphasize how bad this is for consumer rights. Either way, tell them that entertainment industry powergrabs have no place in a telecom reform bill, and they need to be kept out.

Chairman Ted Stevens (AK), (202) 224-3004                                       
John McCain (AZ), (202) 224-2235                                                
Conrad Burns (MT), Main: 202-224-2644                                           
Trent Lott (MS), (202) 224-6253                                                 
Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX), (202) 224-5922                                       
Gordon H. Smith (OR), (202) 224 3753
John Ensign (NV), (202) 224-6244                                                
George Allen (VA), (202) 224-4024                                               
John E. Sununu (NH), (202) 224-2841                                             
Jim DeMint (SC), (202) 224-6121                                                 
David Vitter (LA),(202) 224-4623                                                
Co-Chairman Daniel K. Inouye (HI), (202) 224-3934                               
John D. Rockefeller (WV), (202) 224-6472                                        
John F. Kerry (MA), (202) 224-2742                                              
Barbara Boxer (CA), (202) 224-3553                                              
Bill Nelson (FL), (202) 224-5274                                                
Maria Cantwell (WA), (202) 224-3441                                             
Frank R. Lautenberg (NJ), (202) 224-3224                                        
E. Benjamin Nelson (NE), (202) 224-6551                                         
Mark Pryor (AR), (202) 224-2353                                                 

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