Acting to ensure the integrity of California's November elections, California Secrectary of State Kevin Shelley on Friday announced the adoption of a new state policy making it so that all California voters will have the option of recording their votes on paper. In addition, the state has decertified Diebold's infamous TsX electronic voting machines, while mandating key security enhancements for the voting terminals that will remain in use.

"Today's decision is historic. The largest state in the nation is once again pointing out that un-auditable e-voting has no clothes," said EFF Activism Coordinator Ren Bucholz. "Shelley has responded to the disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of California voters, repeated violations of election law, and the overwhelming
body of evidence that these systems are vulnerable to attack."

Shelley previously mandated that all electronic voting machines have voter-verifiable paper trails by 2006, becoming the first Secretary of State in the nation to do so.

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