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brazil fake news bill

FAQ: Why Brazil’s Plan to Mandate Traceability in Private Messaging Apps Will Break User’s Expectation of Privacy and Security

Despite widespread complaints about its effects on human rights, the Brazilian Senate has fast-tracked the approval of “PLS 2630/2020”, the so-called “Fake News” bill. The bill lacked the necessarily broad and intense social participation that characterized the development of the 2014 Brazilian Civil Rights...
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الأساور والمنارات والباركود: الأجهزة القابلة للارتداء المستخدمة في مواجهة كوفيد-19

في إطار الجهود المبذولة لاحتواء تفشّي الجائحة المستجدّة، تصدر الحكومات حول العالم أجهزة قابلة للارتداء للمساعدة على مقارعة الفيروس. تريد بعض الحكومات حلّاً تكنولوجياً سحرياً لأزمة الصحة العامة هذه، ولكنّ الكثير من الأدوات التي تهدف إلى حلّ بعض المشاكل تنطوي على مشاكل أخرى قد تقوّض أهداف الصحة العامة التي أدّت...
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Personal Telco Project: A Case Study in Community Connectivity

The necessity to work from home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted the need for fast, reliable and affordable broadband internet. It is indisputable: access to the internet is essential. There has long been an acknowledgment that the connectivity disparity in America is only serving to...
Artificial Intelligence

Victory! Court Orders CA Prisons to Release Race of Parole Candidates

In a win for transparency, a state court judge ordered the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to disclose records regarding the race and ethnicity of parole candidates. This is also a win for innovation, because the plaintiffs will use this data to build new technology in service...

On the Road to Victory for Human Rights in Mexico!

Mexico’s National Commission for Human Rights has taken a crucial step towards averting a human rights catastrophe, asking Mexico’s Supreme Court to assess the constitutionality of the Mexican copyright law: The Commission stated that the law contains “possible violations of the rights to freedom of expression, property, freedom...
EFF 30th Anniversary Challenge Coin

Final Weekend for EFF's 30th Anniversary Challenge Coin

To celebrate the Electronic Frontier Foundation's 30th anniversary, both new and upgrading recurring supporters can claim a first-of-its-kind EFF challenge coin as a token of thanks. These coins will be individually numbered for each supporter and are only available until Sunday night, August 9, 2020 at 11:59 pm PT...
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EFF Joins SPLC Letter to Georgia High School Expressing Concern Over Restriction to Students’ Free Speech

The First Amendment includes the right to use technology to create and preserve images, and otherwise collect information, of newsworthy events. This issue has arisen in numerous contexts, including the right to record the police performing police-work, and we have filed several amicus briefs that have helped firmly establish that...


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