May 7, 2020 - 3:00pm PDT

Coffee Talk is a new segment in the Internet Freedom Festival's (IFF) Community Knowledge Share Workshop series. Join hosts Trinh and Sandy, as they serve up some sweets and coffee, and get to know the kick-ass people leading our movements. To see upcoming coffee talks and CKS workshops, regularly visit IFF's Virtual Calendar of Events.

Coffee Talk with nash

From the organizers: 

We first encountered nash because he is currently leading the EFF's grassroots, student and community organizing efforts. However, after getting to know this native New Yorker, we were inspired by his long history of helping activists mitigate harmful interactions with the state. He has witnessed aggressive and militarized policing in the United States, Honduras, and Palestine, and he himself has been the target of racial profiling, biassed broken windows policing, and police brutality.

nash co-founded the Black Movement Law Project. He is also a member of Mutant Legal, through which he has organized training in cities like Ferguson, MO; New York City; and Charlotte, NC.

Join Trinh and Sandy as they get to know nash better, and learn about his stories growing up in New York City, what he has learned throughout the years organizing underserved communities, his experience in Honduras and Palestine, and why we should all be aware of the impacts of facial recognition technology in our society.


Date: Thursday, May 7th

Time: 03:00pm EST / 07:00pm UTC+0 (other times below)

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