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Podcast Episode - Securing the Vote

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Scrutinizing Comcast's Apologists

EFF is continuing its research into Comcast's use of forged RST packets to interfere with their customers' BitTorrent connections. (Apparently the FCC is investigating, as well.) While Comcast has remained conspicuously silent about the technical details of its activities, a few networking engineers have tried to defend Comcast...

House Committee Issues Report on TSA's Website Security Flaws

Last Friday, a House committee published a report about the launch of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website that had egregious security vulnerabilities that "exposed thousands of American travelers to potential identity theft." The "Traveler Redress" website was intended to allow travelers erroneously listed on airline watch lists to...

2008: DRM continues to punish paying customers

Just three days into the new year, we have another example of DRM punishing paying customers, rather than "pirates." Netflix subscriber Davis Freeberg ran headlong into an incompatibility between Microsoft DRM and ... Microsoft DRM.
The trouble all started when Freeberg bought a new monitor for his...

LimeWire on 1 in 3 Desktops World-Wide

Digital Music News and BigChampagne report that 36.4% of all PCs world-wide have LimeWire installed, based on system scans of 1.6 million machines.
This is worth noting for at least two reasons. First, it reminds everyone that when it comes to digital music, the main event is...


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