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Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

EFF at RoboGames in San Francisco

Visit our booth at RoboGames this year!
RoboGames invites the best minds from around the world to compete in over 70 different events. Combat robots, walking humanoids, soccer bots, sumo bots, and even androids that do kung-fu. Some robots are autonomous, some are remote controlled - but they're...

EFF and ACLU Planning to Appeal Dismissal of Dozens of Spying Cases

San Francisco - A federal judge today dismissed dozens of lawsuits over illegal domestic surveillance of American citizens, ruling that telecommunications companies had immunity from liability under the controversial FISA Amendments Act (FISAAA). The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) California and Illinois affiliates are...

Why DRM on e-Books Will Fail

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here's one that vividly illustrates why putting DRM on e-books is short-sighted, futile, and doomed. If you must have words, here are a few explaining this photo. And here are a few more wherein Microsoft security engineers explain...

Enter Stage Right: The "Cyber Czar"

This blog post appeared today in the ACSblog of the American Constitution Society.
National commitment to cybersecurity is welcome, but government control of the internet is not. This morning's White House-issued cybersecurity proposals seem to recognize this distinction and are therefore vastly preferable to the Rockefeller-Snowe Cybersecurity...

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

9:15pm at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco. This is not an official EFF event, but is so cool we're putting it on the website anyway.

As part of The Anti-Corporate Film Festival, watch the West Coast Premier of "RIP: A Remix Manifesto," a copyleft call-to-arms featuring Girl Talk, Cory...

Two New Books On Innovation Colliding With Law

We at EFF have long lamented that, too often, incumbent industry leaders use law as a weapon to quell disruptive innovators, to the detriment of competition, innovation, and the public. Here's how Larry Downes puts it in a recent Forbes interview about his forthcoming book due out in October,...

Judge Rules Dorm Room Search for Evidence of Prank Email Illegal

Boston - A justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ordered police to return a laptop and other property seized from a Boston College computer science student's dorm room after finding there was no probable cause to search the room in the first place. The police were investigating whether...


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