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A Real-Life Orphan Works Dilemma

Though the orphan works problem can seem arcane, the New York Times provides a clear, real-life example of the orphan works problem.
A history teacher and part-time book publisher wanted to use two photographs from the archives of the Brooklyn Historical Society -- and was willing to...

Court Rejects Attempt to Expand the DMCA

Yesterday, a district court dismissed several claims in the case Coupons, Inc. v. Stottlemire, in which we had, in March, filed an amicus brief. Coupons offers online coupons that consumers can access and print using software provided by Coupons. The software tries to limit the number of times a...

Senator Hatch and Tinfoil Hats

Apparently no longer even bothering with coherent or rational arguments, supporters of the flawed surveillance bill have now resorted to namecalling. Here's Senator Orrin Hatch's argument in last Thursday's Senate debate. (h/t ThinkProgress)

"How many times have we heard claims that the Protect America Act would permit the...

Privacy issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a padlock

Surveilling Drivers For Safety, For The Environment, and For Profit

There is a growing movement to surveil the drivers of cars — for insurance purposes.
One idea is that vehicle insurance premiums should depend on verifiable, periodic measurements of how far a car has been driven. The case for such premiums is strong: driving further clearly increases the risk...

EFF at DEFCON 16 in Las Vegas

EFF will have a booth at DEFCON 16 in Las Vegas, NV taking place at the Riviera Hotel & Casino.
Whether or not you're an EFF member -- we encourage you to stop by and say hi! More details at


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