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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Online CD Seller Fights Universal's Bogus Infringement Allegations

Record Industry Takes Aim at Right of 'First Sale' San Francisco - An eBay seller is taking on Universal Music Group (UMG) in court after the record industry giant targeted his online music sales with false claims of copyright infringement. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the San Francisco law...
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Congress Passes NSA Spying Bill (Updated)

Update 7:21 PM: Congress has now passed the Administration's spying bill and landed a huge blow to all Americans' privacy. Thanks to everyone who took action to voice their opposition, and shame on the members of Congress who bowed to the Administration's scaremongering and disregarded the rights and interests...

CCIA Targets Bogus Copyright Warnings

Copyright warnings -- like those "FBI Warnings" on DVDs, stickers on CDs, and warnings flashed during NFL broadcasts -- are becoming increasingly common. Trouble is, most of these warnings are blatantly misleading (and, in the case of DVDs, unskippable), claiming that any and all unauthorized uses are forbidden by...

Copycrime Bill Raises its Ugly Head, Again

Two months ago, the Justice Department floated draft legislation to expand the scope of, and stiffen the penalties for, criminal copyright infringement, and now a related bill has been introduced in the House. This isn't the first time that Congress has taken up the DoJ's copycrime wishlist, and, ...

Stopping Inadvertent P2P Sharing, and Another Knock on Filtering

Yesterday the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held an interesting hearing on the inadvertent sharing of sensitive information over P2P networks. Some users misconfigure their P2P software and end up sharing far more than they bargained for, including credit card numbers, tax returns, medical records. The issue...


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