Two months ago, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his plan to abandon the agency’s commitment to protecting net neutrality. On July 12, let’s give the world a preview of what the Internet will look like if the FCC goes forward with its plan to dismantle open Internet protections.

EFF is joining a huge coalition of nonprofits and companies in a day of action standing up for net neutrality.

One simple way that organizations, companies, and even individuals can participate is to install our widget. If you’ve installed the widget on your website, then on July 12, visitors will be greeted with an alarming message:

This widget will send a clear message to your site’s visitors: giving up protections for net neutrality will give ISPs a frightening amount of control over your Internet experience.

All of the instructions for installing our widget are available on GitHub. For more information on the day of action, visit the Battle for the Net website.

If you’re worried about large ISPs deciding how you use the Internet, tell the FCC.

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