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Our Work

Our Work

US Export Control Laws on Encryption Ruled Unconstitutional

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the federal government's restrictions on encryption are unconstitutional, affirming a lower court's ruling that export control over cryptographic "software and related devices and technology are in violation of the First Amendment on the grounds of prior restraint."
"The Court understood...

Statement of Rep. Anna Eshoo on Bernstein vs. the Justice Department Ruling

"I'm pleased the federal appeals court has affirmed Federal District Court Judge Marilyn Patel's original decision that in the name of national defense, the U.S. government should not restrict the very liberties it is supposed to be defending. This decision demonstrates the judicial branch's understanding of the encryption debate. Now...

EFF Offers Cooperative Computing Prizes

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is sponsoring cooperative computing awards, with over half a million dollars in prize money, to encourage ordinary Internet users to contribute to solving huge scientific problems.
"We're providing incentives to stretch the computational capabilities of the Internet," said Tara Lemmey, EFF's...

Court Allows Unlicensed Crypto Export

Yesterday a federal judge here denied a
government motion to silence mathematician Daniel Bernstein.
On August 25, District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel declared the
Commerce Department's cryptography regulations unconstitutional.
Judge Patel also issued an injunction to prohibit prosecution of Prof.
Bernstein and others who...

Crypto Export Restrictions Are Unconstitutional

The Federal District Court here
struck down Commerce Department export restrictions on the privacy
technology called encryption yesterday, concluding that "the
encryption regulations are an unconstitutional prior restraint in
violation of the First Amendment." For the first time, Judge Marilyn
Hall Patel ordered the government...

Bernstein Encryption Hearing Press Conference

WHAT: Press Conference
Immediately following oral arguments in front of Federal Judge
Marilyn Hall Patel, Professor Dan Bernstein, his lawyer and the
Electronic Frontier Foundation will hold a press conference. After
brief statements issued by each, there will be a media question and
answer period.

Professor Asks for Constitutional Review of New Encryption Regs

Electronic Frontier Foundation Contacts:
Shari Steele, Staff Attorney
+1 301 375 8856,
John Gilmore, Founding Board Member
+1 415 221 6524,
Cindy Cohn, McGlashan & Sarrail
+1 415 341 2585,
San Francisco - Laywers for Professor Dan Bernstein today...

Court Declares Crypto Restrictions Unconstitutional

Electronic Frontier Foundation Contacts:
Shari Steele, Staff Attorney
John Gilmore, Founding Board Member
Cindy Cohn, McGlashan & Sarrail
San Francisco - On Monday, Judge Marilyn Hall Patel struck down Cold War
export restrictions on the privacy...

Law Professor Sues Federal Government Over Computer Privacy Issues

For Immediate Release
Cleveland, Wednesday, August 7, 1996
For More Information Contact:
Raymond Vasvari (216) 522-1925
Gino Scarselli (216) 291-8601
More Information Will Be Available at:
A Case Western Reserve University law professor filed suit today in

Bernstein Files for Partial Summary Judgment in Crypto Case

July 26, 1996 Electronic Frontier Foundation
Shari Steele, Staff Counsel
Mike Godwin, Staff Counsel
Lori Fena, Executive Director
San Francisco, CA -- A University of Illinois at Chicago faculty member
who is suing...

Crypto Export Controls on Trial - Come on Down!

On October 20th in San Francisco, we'll have the first public hearing
in the EFF/Bernstein lawsuit, which seeks to have the export laws on
cryptography declared unconstitutional. You are invited!
Meet at the Federal Building in San Francisco, 450 Golden Gate Avenue.
The first "oral arguments"...


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