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3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Guilty Until Proven Innocent Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_An Interview with Zelda Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Is Bain de Soleil a Bane on the NSA Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Watching Every Word in Snitch City Intercept
3/11/2014 Classification Guide for FISA, the Protect America Act and the FISA Amendments Act NY Times
3/11/2014 Ashcroft Memo on Intelligence Sharing Procedures NY Times
3/11/2014 NSA Memo Expands Access to FISA Information NY Times
3/11/2014 Classification Guide for Stellarwind Program NY Times
3/11/2014 NSA Timeline of Surveillance Law Developments NY Times
3/12/2014 MHS Leverages XKeyscore for Quantum Intercept
3/12/2014 Five Eyes Hacking Large Routers Intercept
3/12/2014 NSA Technology Directorate Analysis of Converged Data Intercept
3/12/2014 NSA Selector Types Intercept
3/12/2014 Multiple Methods of Quantum Intercept
3/12/2014 NSA Phishing Tactics and Man in the Middle Attacks Intercept
3/12/2014 Quantum Insert Diagrams Intercept
3/12/2014 The NSA and GCHQ’s QUANTUMTHEORY Hacking Tactics Intercept
3/12/2014 TURBINE and TURMOIL Intercept
3/12/2014 VPN and VOIP Exploitation With HAMMERCHANT and HAMMERSTEIN Intercept
3/12/2014 TURBINE Industrial Scale Exploitation Intercept
3/12/2014 Increasing Collection Capacity by Increasing Implants Intercept
3/13/2014 NSA Cooperative Third Party Relationships Intercept
3/15/2014 How NSA Servers Masquerade In Order to Infect Target with Malware Intercept
3/15/2014 TURBINE Intelligence Command and Control Intercept
3/18/2014 Adding Another Country to Mystic Program Washington Post
3/18/2014 Description of Data Collection Under Mystic Washington Post
3/18/2014 Mystic Program Washington Post
3/20/2014 Targeting System Administrator Accounts to Access Networks Intercept
3/21/2014 French Intelligence E-Mail Spying Operation Le Monde
3/22/2014 Operation Shotgiant Objectives NY Times
3/29/2014 GCHQ and NSA Spy on Heads of State Der Spiegel
4/4/2014 GCHQ Full Spectrum Cyber Effects Intercept
4/4/2014 2009 SIGDEV Conference Intercept
4/30/2014 Prism Olympics Intercept
4/30/2014 Ghostmachine Intercept
4/30/2014 GCHQ Visit Intercept
5/13/2014 No Place to Hide Documents Glenn Greenwald
5/19/2014 20140519-Intercept-SSO Mystic Charts Intercept
5/19/2014 Black Budget Intercept
5/19/2014 DEA Warfighter Intercept
5/19/2014 Mystic Intercept
5/19/2014 Somalget Intercept
5/19/2014 SSO Dictionary Excerpt Intercept
5/31/2014 Identity Intelligence New York Times
6/10/2014 SANDKEY Cryptome
6/16/2014 Analytics for targets in Europe Der Spiegel
6/16/2014 Xkeyscore Fingerprints Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the changing of the ESOC’s name to European Cryptologic Center (ECC) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 ESOC- Report on the experiences of one NSA worker Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 NSA presentation on Nymrod Der Spiegel