Date Document Media Outlet
6/27/2013 NSA OIG Working Draft Report from March 24, 2009 on Stellar Wind (PSP) Guardian
10/21/2013 NSA PRISM slide undated - alcatel / wanadoo Le Monde
10/27/2013 NSA SCS Slides on embassy spying (slides 3-6) Der Spiegel
9/5/2013 NSA SIGINT Enabling Project Description - engaging companies to covertly leverage product designs (no date) Guardian
8/16/2013 NSA Signals Intelligence Division (SID) Oversight & Compliance Report May 31, 2012 discussing privacy violations for the preceding year Washington Post
9/8/2013 NSA slides on Petrobras and private networks O Globo Fantastico
9/9/2013 NSA slides on smartphones Der Spiegel
8/9/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) glossary on Section 702 Guardian
8/16/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) news article from October 12, 2011 discussing FISC ruling holding NSA surveillance unconstitutional Washington Post
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) slides on Content Acquisition Optimization Washington Post
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) Slides on Content Optimization - Address Books (SCISSORS) Washington Post
8/16/2013 NSA Targeting Analyst Rationale slides (undated) Washington Post
7/31/2013 NSA Xkeyscore Training Slides Feb 25, 2008 Guardian
10/4/2013 Peeling Back the Layers of Tor with Egotistical Giraffe January 8, 2007 Guardian
10/6/2013 Presentation on Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy O Globo Fantastico
6/6/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
6/29/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
7/10/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
6/8/2013 PRISM/Upstream explanation slides Guardian
6/20/2013 Procedures Used by NSA for Targeting Non-US Persons Reasonably Believed to Be Outside the US to Acquire Foreign Intelligence Pursuant to 702 FISC July 29, 2009 Guardian
9/5/2013 Project Bullrun Description June 16, 2010 Guardian
9/3/2013 SATC slides Mexico and Brazil Case Studies O Globo Fantastico
9/28/2013 Slide on contact chaining (SYANPSE) NY Times
10/30/2013 Slides on MUSCULAR program possibly from February 28, 2013 Washington Post
10/4/2013 Tor Stinks Presentation June 2012 Guardian
10/4/2013 Types of IAT (how Tor works) Guardian
6/5/2013 Verizon 215 Secondary Order April 25, 2013 Guardian