Datesort descending Document Media Outlet
1/17/2015 NSA SNOWGLOBE, French Government Trojan Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Document About the Expansion of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) on Endpoint Operations Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Interview With NSA's Department For Tailored Access Operations Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Sample Code of A Malware Program From the Five Eyes Alliance Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Recognize and Process Data From Third Party Attacks Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Document Explaining the Role of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Fifth Party Access - When Fourth Party Puts Others Under Surveillance Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Process Analysts Choose Their Data Requirement and Then Get to Know the Tools That Can Do the Job Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 NSA Program TUTELAGE to Instrumentalize Third Party Attack Tools Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Analysis of Chinese Methods and Performed Actions In the Context of Computer Network Exploitation Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 APEX Shaping to Put Exfiltrating Network Traffic Into Plausible Deniability Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Report of An NSA Employee About a Backdoor In the OpenSSH Daemon Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 NSA Fourth Party Access - I Drink Your Milkshake Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Classification Guide For Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 SPINALTAP NSA Project to Combine Data From Active Operations and Passive Signals Intelligence Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Combination of Offensive and Defensive Missions - How Fourth-party Missions are Being Performed Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 QUANTUMSHOOTER Implant to Remote-control Computers From Unknown Third Parties Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 CSEC Document About the Recognition of Trojans and Other network Based Anomaly Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Methods to Exfiltrate Data Even From Devices Which are Supposed to Be Offline Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 CSEC Document on the Handling of Existing Trojans When Trojanizing Computers Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 iPhone Target Analysis and Exploitation With Apple's Unique Device Identifiers (UDID) Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 HIDDENSALAMANDER -Recognition of Botnet Activity and Options For Takeover of Clients and Data Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Exploring and Exploiting Leaky Mobile Apps With BADASS Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 The FASHIONCLEFT Protocol NSA Uses to Exfiltrate Data From Trojans and Implants to the NSA Der Spiegel
1/28/2015 CSE Presentation on the LEVITATION Project CBC
2/4/2015 NATO Civilian Intelligence Council Cyber Panel Intercept
2/4/2015 Who Else Is Targeting Your Target Collecting Intercept
2/4/2015 Open Source For Cyber Defence Progress Intercept
2/4/2015 Lovely Horse Intercept
2/10/2015 Iran Current Topics - Interactions with GCHQ Intercept
2/19/2015 SIM Card Encryption Key Theft and Mobile Network Access (Collection) Intercept
3/5/2015 GCSB SIGINT Development Quarterly Report NZ Herald
3/10/2015 TCB Jamboree and Apple Vulnerability Targeting (Collection) Intercept
3/11/2015 New Zealand GCSB Spying (Collection) NZ Herald
3/16/2015 GCSB XKEYSCORE Search Query Intercept
3/23/2015 CSE Cyberwarfare Toolbox (Collection) CBC
4/2/2015 GCHQ Operation QUITO to Shape Falklands Public Opinion (Collection) Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 262 Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 360-364 Intercept
5/5/2015 Human Language Technology Intercept
5/5/2015 RT10 Overview Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Finding Nuggets Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Future Is Now Conclusion Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Future Is Now FInal Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Is HLT Progressing Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Non-linguists Final Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Tsunami of Intercept Final Intercept
5/5/2015 WG Advice to Security Service Intercept
5/8/2015 Skynet Cloud Based Behavior Intercept
5/8/2015 Skynet Courier Detection Intercept