It's here! EFF's 2022 Annual Report is live and highlights our work powered by digital freedom supporters around the world.

2022 was a big year: we had 17 legal and legislative victories, and an average of 78 press mentions per day globally. EFF spoke with the power of 34,500 members worldwide on issues at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

We conducted original investigations and shared critical digital privacy information with the public. For example, EFF exposed Fog Data Science, a shadowy company that sells geolocation information of hundreds of millions of Americans to law enforcement agencies. We found that Fog Data Science provides law enforcement with easy and often warrantless access to the precise and continuous geolocation of hundreds of millions of Americans, collected through a wide range of smartphone apps and then aggregated by intermediary data brokers. We worked with the Associated Press for an exclusive story, which was carried by hundreds if not thousands of subscribers in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese. It also generated significant secondary attention via requests for interviews at other media outlets, and an op-ed in Slate. Lawmakers from Oregon and California cited our investigation in their comments to the Federal Trade Commission urging them to investigate Fog Data Science’s practices.

EFF continued our fight for digital medical privacy, creating a principled guide for platforms to respect users’ rights to privacy and bodily autonomy, and working with legislators on commonsense privacy legislation to protect not only health-related data but the full range of consumer data that could be weaponized against patients and providers alike. We also researched apps used by daycare centers to collect and share information about children with their parents—finding that the apps are dangerously insecure. We encouraged parents to become advocates and published basic recommendations, such as implementing two-factor authentication, to help parents push for better security for their children’s sensitive information.

EFF’s individual and organizational members around the globe drive the movement for digital privacy, the free exchange of ideas, and an online world in which the public’s interests come first. Together, we make a better digital future possible. Thank you to everyone who supported EFF’s work to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.


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