UPDATE: Tune in to the livestream here!

Do you want to know what it’s like to be an open-source developer? Want to see how we work on Certbot behind the scenes?

This Halloween, an EFF Certbot developer will be live-streaming their work on Twitch to show you what it’s like to work on Certbot, chat with other developers, and answer your questions. On October 31st at 10:30 am Pacific time, tune into the livestream and join us! We will update this post with the livestream link, as well as tweet it from EFF’s Twitter accountUPDATE: Tune in to the livestream here! There’s a growing trend of open-source developers live coding through streaming platforms like Twitch, and we’re excited to jump in.

Certbot is one of EFF’s many tech tools. It offers all domain owners and website administrators a convenient, free way to move their websites from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS. Gone are the days of expensive certificates that are hard to configure—Certbot deploys Let’s Encrypt certificates with easy-to-follow, interactive instructions based on your webserver and operating system. Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority (CA) operated by the Internet Security Research Group. CAs play a crucial identification and verification role in the web encryption ecosystem—and Let’s Encrypt is one of the world’s largest, having issued over 100 million certificates to over 7 million unique domains.

Join us for the livestream here to see an open-source developer in action, plus learn more about Certbot and how you and your colleagues can use it to make the web more secure.

If you can’t make it, check out certbot.eff.org to learn more about what our Certbot developers are working on.