Blog-a-thon posts are surging -- if you haven't been following the inspiring tales through Technorati and Pubsub, you're missing out! To keep the momentum going and to give you another chance to enter your own story in EFF's contest, we've extended the Blog-a-thon submission deadline to August 2nd.

Here are some recent highlights:

HangLeft: "It became obvious that Intel's master database of CPU serial numbers would be an extreme invasion of privacy intended to empower their marketing department, the public's right to privacy be damned. I was furious at the idea."

Liza: "We don't usually lose privacy protections in great dramatic moments. Instead, they get slowly smaller and less effective. When privacy protections are gone, instead of feeling exposed and at risk, we more often simply accept that 'this is how life is.'"

Nightsoil: "I realized that a failed scientist and musician just might make a good IP attorney. It is my hope that with my education I can somehow effect change that will help preserve what is beautiful and true by ensuring more artists and scientists can communicate new expression and ideas in a way that is beneficial to us all."

Joe Hall: "What incensed me more than the fact that Diebold misused intellectual property law was what I learned in the process about the machinery that is increasingly casting and counting our votes."

Yovko, translating from Bulgarian: "Perhaps it seems it is too far away from here, probably it is still not too scary, but we should never forget what happened with the software patents."