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relays have joined the challenge.

Our goal: 500

Operate a Tor relay to help Tor users all over the world!

Activists worldwide use Tor to protect their anonymity online and to circumvent Internet censorship. But they all rely on a limited number of user-provided "relays" to protect themselves and communicate with others. Internet users worldwide need your help to make the Tor network stronger and faster, so take the Tor Challenge today!

Taking the Tor Challenge is easy:

  1. Decide which kind of Tor relay you want to run. Read What is a Tor Relay and the Legal FAQ.
  2. Watch the Setting Up Tor video, which will guide you through the set up process.
  3. Tell us about your new Tor relay*, and we will tell the world that you've taken the Tor Challenge!

* The Challenge has ended! Thanks to everyone who set up relays!

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