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Our Work

EFF to Copyright Office: It’s Time for Real Reform of DMCA 1201

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged the U.S. Copyright Office today to protect the public’s right to research and repair everything from phones to refrigerators to tractors, to support the right of people with print disabilities to convert media into an accessible format, and to restore users’...

Briefing Unsealed in Court Battle Over National Security Letters

San Francisco - An appeals court published redacted briefing by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today arguing that national security letters (NSLs) and their accompanying gag orders violate the free speech rights of companies who want to keep their users informed about government surveillance. EFF represents two service providers in...

Hollywood Forces Publishers Worldwide to California Court

San Francisco - Texas resident Matthew Pavlovich yesterday for a second time asked the California Supreme Court to reverse a lower court decision requiring him to defend a trade secret case in a California court. Pavlovich, who did not reside in or have any contact with California, has resisted being...

California Court Cannot Lasso Texas Resident into DVD Case

San Francisco - The California Supreme Court today ruled that a Texas resident who published a software program on the Internet cannot be forced to stand trial in California. The court found that Matthew Pavlovich, who republished an open source DVD-descrambling software program called DeCSS, will not have to defend...


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