The European Union’s regulations and policy-making decisions on technology and the internet have unique influence across the globe. But with great influence comes great responsibility. A step in the wrong direction could reverberate around the world, affecting fundamental rights beyond European Union borders. The Digital Services Act Human Rights Alliance is a group of digital and human rights advocacy organizations representing diverse communities across the globe. The Alliance came together around the central tenet that the Digital Services Act must adopt a human rights based approach to platform governance and that EU policy makers should consider the global impacts of legislation. Many members of the alliance know firsthand why this is necessary. Especially grassroots organizations operating in the Global south and civil rights groups fighting for the protections of historically oppressed and vulnerable groups find themselves on the receiving end of badly designed legislation. The impacts of internet rules are rarely contained by borders and that is particularly true when that legislation comes from influential bodies like the European Union.

The DSA Alliance believes that by focusing on the protection of fundamental rights globally, the DSA is an opportunity for the EU to provide a positive global example in lawmaking.