We’ve added one more day to EFF's summer membership drive! Over 900 supporters have answered the call to get the internet right by defending privacy, free speech, and innovation. It’s possible if you’re with us. Will you join EFF?

Through Wednesday, anyone can join EFF or renew their membership for as little as $20 and get a pack of issue-focused Digital Freedom Analog Postcards. Each one represents part of the fight for our digital future, from releasing free expression chokepoints to opposing biometric surveillance to compelling officials to be more transparent. We made this special-edition snail mail set to further connect you with friends or family, and to help boost the signal for a better future online—it's a team effort!

New and renewing members at the Copper level and above can also choose our Stay Golden t-shirt. It highlights your resilience through darkness and our power when we work together. And it's pretty darn fashionable, too.

Analog or digital—what matters is connection. Technology has undeniably become a significant piece of nearly all our communications, whether we are paying bills, working, accessing healthcare, or talking to loved ones. These familiar things require advanced security protocols, unrestricted access to an open web, and vigilant public advocacy. So if the internet is a portal to modern life, then our tech must also embrace civil liberties and human rights.

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Why do you support internet freedom? You can advocate for a better online future just by connecting with the people around you. Here’s some sample language you can share with your circles:

Staying connected has never been more important. Help me support EFF and the fight for every tech users’ right to privacy, free speech, and digital access. https://eff.org/greetings

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It’s up to all of us to strengthen the best parts of the internet and create the future we want to live in. With people now coming of age only knowing a world connected to the web, EFF is using its decades of expertise in law and technology to stand up for the rights and freedoms that sustain modern democracy. Thank you for being part of this important work.

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