Thanks again to all of the people who helped make EFF's experience at DEF CON 18 such a smashing success. Even if you couldn't make it to Las Vegas this year, you can still own a piece of the history. EFF is auctioning several items that you won't find anywhere else:

Limited Edition Signed DEF CON Skateboard Deck
Own one of only two DEF CON skateboard decks signed by security luminaries who attended the conference, including the Dark Tangent, Dan Kaminsky, Dead Addict, Moxie Marlinspike, Kevin Mitnick, Joe "Kingpin" Grand, Miss Jackalope, Dual Core, and many, many more! The DEF CON deck artwork is sweet enough on its own, while the autographs make it an extraordinary must-have piece of hacker history.

DEF CON Comedy Jam III FAIL Panel Waffle Iron
Let them eat waffles! Own the world's first and only signed DEF CON waffle iron benefiting the Electronic Frontier Foundation! This sexy and sturdy iron was used on stage at the 2010 FAIL Panel to create delicious Digital Rights Charity Waffles. The DEF CON Waffle Iron sports signatures from the panel members as well as a commemorative DEF CON 18 sticker.

Ninja Networks EFF Quest Badge
EFF is offering for sale our own EFF Quest Badge. Ninja Networks only made 650 DEF CON 18 Ninja Badges of any type, and this one-of-a-kind beauty gave DEF CON attendees who completed the EFF Quest the Mark of the Defender, worth a 10% increase to other Ninja Badges' defensive skills. This master Badge sat at EFF's membership table throughout the conference and was used to activate the Mark of the Defender on participants' badges.

D(EFF)CON 18 "Things to Hack" UV/Glow-In-The-Dark T-Shirt (3XL)
Own EFF's first edition DEF CON t-shirt. Only 350 of these shirts were ever created for EFF premium level donors who attended DEF CON 18, and this shirt will not be printed again. The front of the shirt is emblazoned with a mashup of the DEF CON and EFF logos in a subtle homage to our mutual support (as well as a shout-out to EFF's advocacy for remix culture and Fair Use). The shirt's back features a to-be-pwned list of the world's best hacks--past and future. Under UV lights and in the dark, the red, white and charcoal design glows white and acid green, revealing hidden text that describes solutions to the various hacks. A true collectors' item!

Bid now! All auctions end on Wednesday, August 18, 2010.