The Defcon 18 Getaway Contest is getting down to the wire and things are heating up! One hundred twenty-four participants have raised over $4,000 so far!

In first place competing as an individual is Art Conklin with $725. In second place is Holy Handgrenades with $625. Team Nodes is bringing up the rear with $500!

Register today! You have until June 30, 2010 to raise as much as you can and win. The fabulous Grand Prize pool is still within your reach:

~ two Defcon 18 Human badges;
~ a standard room at the Riviera Hotel for the nights of July 29-31;
~ two tickets to the Vegas 2.0 Party at the Top of the Riv on July 29;
~ two tickets to the iSEC Partners Party (date and location TBD); and
~ two badges to the Ninja Networks Party, location TBD, on July 31

The second place winner will receive two Defcon 18 Human badges, two tickets to the iSEC Partners Party, and two tickets to the Vegas 2.0 Party; the third place winner will receive one Defcon 18 Human badge, one ticket to the iSEC Partners Party, and one ticket to the Vegas 2.0 Party. All winners will receive an EFF Swag Super Pack, including EFF stickers, hats, posters, and more!

JUST ADDED: "Things to Hack" T-Shirt!
You don't have to win a prize to get a tangible sign of our appreciation. As a special thank you, EFF will award a limited edition Defcon 18 "Things to Hack" t-shirt to ALL fundraising captains who raise more than $200. The shirt's to-be-pwned list shows the world's best hacks past and future and contains a hidden message that...well, you'll have to see for yourself! This is an exclusive opportunity for contestants only, as the shirt will not be available to the general public until Defcon 18!

Special thanks to the honorary Ninja Networks and Friends team for being one of our contest sponsors and raising over $1,380. Note that Ninja Networks and Friends team is not eligible to win the prize package, leaving the contest wide open. Form a team; put a badge up on your blog; ask your friends and family there are lots of ways to help EFF and compete for the prizes. See Official Rules for full details. See you in Vegas!

Thanks to our Defcon 18 Getaway Contest sponsors: