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Legislative Analysis

Legislative Analysis

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Senators Introduce Bill in Response to EFF's Call for New Protections Against Secret Video Surveillance

Wow, that was fast: little more than two weeks after EFF testified to a Senate subcommittee that federal electronic privacy law needs to be updated to protect against secret video surveillance just like it regulates electronic eavesdropping, Senator Arlen Specter has responded by introducing a bill to do just...

Tinker Repair

Prepaid Providers Seek to Put Locks On Your Phone and Their Hands In Your Pocket

As the deadline nears for a decision from the Copyright Office on EFF's request for a renewal of the 2006 exemption from DMCA liability for handset unlocking, prepaid phone companies have opened a new front in the war on consumer choice with a bill called the Wireless Prepaid...

Breaking News: House of Representatives Enters PATRIOT Fray With Two New Surveillance Reform Bills

This afternoon, leaders in the House of Representatives introduced their own USA PATRIOT Act reform bill, responding to the disappointing PATRIOT renewal bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee two weeks ago. The new bill — the USA Patriot Amendments Act of 2009 (HR 3845) — was introduced by...

F.T.C. Proposes Problematic Regulation of Online Free Speech

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published vague new advertising rules that require online writers to disclose whether they've been compensated for product endorsements. The rules are full of ambiguities and double-standards, many of which are summed up on this article in The Atlantic Wire.

Significantly, the new...


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