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Legislative Analysis

Legislative Analysis

How to Reform the Secretive FISA Court: Make It Less Secret

There’s no doubt that the secret court overseeing the unconstituional NSA spying must be reformed. The recent revelations of large-scale domestic surveillance approved by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court) are proof of that. The FISA Court operates in near-total secrecy and only hears from one side—the US...

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A Brief Analysis of the Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom

The past couple of years have seen a growing interest in Internet regulation developed in a multistakeholder environment. From Brazil to Jordan, such participatory processes have yielded mixed results, but around the world, many activists, policymakers, and other stakeholders remain optimistic that multistakeholder-developed regulation is possible.

Why Wait for Congress? States Passing Electronic Privacy Legislation

State legislatures had a busy week passing electronic privacy laws. Will Congress follow?
First, the Texas legislature unanimously passed HB 2268, which requires state law enforcement to obtain a search warrant before accessing emails and other forms of electronic communications content from service providers. This law...

New California "Right to Know" Act Would Let Consumers Find Out Who Has Their Personal Data -- And Get a Copy of It

Let’s face it: most of us have no idea how companies are gathering and sharing our personal data. Colossal data brokers are sucking up personal facts about Americans from sources they refuse to disclose. Digital giants like Facebook are teaming up with data brokers in unsettling new ways....

With VAWA, A Major Step Forward in Combating Violence, But Constitutional Concerns Remain

It's hard to think of a more worthy goal than combating domestic violence. With its recent reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) (PDF), Congress created and expanded federal programs to assist local communities and victims deal with domestic and sexual abuse. But along with these great...


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