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Podcast Episode 107

Legislative Analysis

Legislative Analysis

Ban Rate Regulation or Attack On Net Neutrality Protections? Congress Seems Confused

The House Energy and Commerce Committee recently approved H.R. 2666, the No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act. The legislation attempts to codify Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Wheeler’s pledge not to use the Open Internet Order to regulate broadband rates. This seems like a straightforward task and...

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Fixing FOIA: Senate-passed bill is a good start, but more is needed

The Senate’s passage Tuesday of a bill to amend the Freedom of Information Act is a good step toward improving government transparency. Congress, however, can and should do more to fix the 50-year-old federal sunshine law.
Coinciding with Sunshine Week, an annual celebration by journalists and transparency advocates...

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The UK's Proposed Spy Law Would Force Apple to Secretly Hack its Phones Too

The FBI's demand that Apple craft new software to bypass iOS's security protections has ignited a worldwide debate about a government's ability to force tech companies to sabotage their own security. One repeated question has been: will other countries, like China, demand the same powers?
You don't...

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UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill: Loopholes Within Loopholes Will Lead to Unbridled Surveillance

The House of Commons Science and Tech Committee has published its report on the draft Investigatory Powers Bill, influenced by comments submitted by 50 individuals, companies, and organizations, including EFF. The report is the first of three investigations by different Parliamentary committees. While it was intended to concentrate...

The Commerce Department Has Good Recommendations For Fixing Copyright Law - But More is Needed

The U.S. Commerce Department released its long-awaited White Paper on fixes to copyright law yesterday and it's a pretty mixed bag. It includes some good recommendations on how Congress should change the law, but punts on some crucial enduring problems.
This paper grew out of a series of...

Victories in California and Virginia Alongside a Setback in Florida: 2015 in Review

Congress took action in 2015 to address privacy and transparency, but state legislatures emerged as the nation’s leaders for policy innovation. From Virginia to California, states adopted new policies to reclaim digital privacy, advance government transparency, and protect free expression. These new laws both protect residents of these states,...

EFF Opposes Cybersecurity Bill Added to Congressional End of Year Budget Package

Today, House leadership released text of the 2016 "Omnibus package." The legislative package is supposed to deal exclusively with funding the federal government through 2016; however, leadership also managed to include a dangerous cybersecurity "information sharing" bill. The cybersecurity bill is a combination of three bad cybersecurity bills...

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House Judiciary Committee Considers Long-Overdue ECPA Reform

Following the Senate’s September hearing, the House Judiciary Committee today held a hearing on reforming the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the federal law that regulates government access to private communications records stored by online service providers.
Congress is considering a pair of identical bills that would create...

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A Deeper Look Inside the PECB, Pakistan’s Terrible Cyber-Crime Bill

The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill (PECB) has received harsh criticism inside and outside of Pakistan since its radical re-drafting in April of this year. A coalition of Pakistan’s leading online rights groups and businesses warned the current version, written with no input from legal experts or technologists, would “adversely...


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