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Legislative Analysis

Legislative Analysis

The Safe Connections Act Would Make It Easier to Escape Domestic Violence

We all know that, in the 21st century, it is difficult to lead a life without a cell phone. It is also difficult to change your number—the one all your friends, family, doctors, children’s schools, and so on—have for you. It’s especially difficult to do these things if you are...

An image of a house receiving fast, reliable internet from underground fiber cables.

Governor Newsom’s Budget Proposes Historic Investment in Public Fiber Broadband

This morning, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his plans for the state’s multi-billion dollar surplus and federal recovery dollars, including a massive, welcome $7 billion investment in public broadband infrastructure. It's a plan that would give California one of the largest public broadband fiber networks in the country. The...


Indonesia’s Proposed Online Intermediary Regulation May be the Most Repressive Yet

Indonesia is the latest government to propose a legal framework to coerce social media platforms, apps, and other online service providers to accept local jurisdiction over their content and users’ data policies and practices. And in many ways, its proposal is the most invasive of human rights. This rush of...

The number 2020 in a glitchy screen

The U.S. Internet Is Being Starved of Its Potential: 2020 in Review

Over a year ago, EFF raised the desperate need for the United States to have a universal fiber infrastructure plan in order to ensure that all Americans can obtain access to 21st century communications technology. Since then, we’ve produced technical research showing why fiber is vastly superior to...


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