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Legislative Analysis

Legislative Analysis

brazil fake news bill

FAQ: Why Brazil’s Plan to Mandate Traceability in Private Messaging Apps Will Break User’s Expectation of Privacy and Security

Despite widespread complaints about its effects on human rights, the Brazilian Senate has fast-tracked the approval of “PLS 2630/2020”, the so-called “Fake News” bill. The bill lacked the necessarily broad and intense social participation that characterized the development of the 2014 Brazilian Civil Rights...


DSA: EU Parliament Vote Ensures a Free Internet, But a Final Regulation Must Add Stronger Privacy Protections

The European Parliament had an important decision to make this week about the Digital Services Act (DSA). After months of considering amendments, members oscillated between several policy options on how to regulate online platforms, including the dystopian idea of mandating dominant platforms act as internet police, monitoring content on behalf...

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Indonesian Court Allows Internet Blocking During Unrest, Tightening Law Enforcement Control Over Users’ Communications and Data

Indonesia’s Constitutional Court dealt another blow to the free expression and online privacy rights of the country’s 191 million internet users, ruling that the government can lawfully block internet access during periods of social unrest. The October decision is the latest chapter in Indonesia’s crackdown on tech platforms,...


EU Parliament Takes First Step Towards a Fair and Interoperable Market

Update: On December 15, the European Parliament overwhelmingly approved important key changes to the EU Commission’s Digital Markets Act Proposal, including a prohibition on dark patterns and ambitious rules to help ensure interoperability of messaging and social media network services. The Parliament also added more options for users to...

Federal Agencies Need to Be Staffed to Advance Broadband and Tech Competition

In the U.S., we need better internet. We need oversight over Big Tech, ISPs, and other large companies. We need the federal agencies with the powers to advance competition, protect privacy, and empower consumers to be fully staffed and working. And with the new infrastructure legislation aimed at ending the...

European Parliament’s Plans Of A Digital Services Act Threaten Internet Freedoms

The EU's Digital Services Act is a chance to preserve what works and to fix what is broken. EFF and other civil society groups have advocated for new rules that protect fundamental rights online, while formulating a bold vision to address today's most pressing challenges. However, while the initial...

How California’s Broadband Infrastructure Law Promotes Local Choice

The legislative session has ended and Governor Newsom is expected to sign into law S.B. 4 and A.B. 14, bills that stand as the final piece of the state’s new broadband infrastructure program. With a now- estimated $7.5 billion assembled between federal and state funds, California has the resources it...

Why Data-Sharing Mandates Are the Wrong Way To Regulate Tech

The tech companies behind the so-called “sharing economy” have drawn the ire of brick-and-mortar businesses and local governments across the country. For example, take-out apps such as GrubHub and UberEats have grown into a hundred-billion-dollar industry over the past decade, and received a further boost as many sit-down restaurants...


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