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Visa and Mastercard are Trying to Dictate What You Can Watch on Pornhub

Pornhub is removing millions of user-uploaded videos. This action comes after a New York Times column accused the website of hosting sexual videos of underage and nonconsenting women. In response to the Times’ article, Visa and Mastercard cut ties with Pornhub, making it impossible for Pornhub to process...

Trump free speech

It’s Not Section 230 President Trump Hates, It’s the First Amendment

President Trump’s recent threat to “unequivocally VETO” the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) if it doesn’t include a repeal of Section 230 may represent the final attack on online free speech of his presidency, but it’s certainly not the first. The NDAA is one of the “must-pass” bills...

student on laptop under dark cloud with sinister hands

Senators Express Privacy Concerns Over Proctoring Apps

Last week, five Senators joined the chorus of privacy advocates, students, and teachers expressing concern over surveillance proctoring apps being used to watch students remotely during exams. “You must be able to demonstrate that you are respecting students’ privacy,” the Senators write–and so far, that...

Blue EFF 30 next to a photo of Bruce Schneier

EFF at 30: Saving Encryption, with Technologist Bruce Schneier

To celebrate 30 years of defending online freedom, EFF invited author, security technologist, and EFF board member Bruce Schneier to discuss the future of the "Crypto Wars"—the epic battle, raging since the 1990s, pitting privacy and security advocates against the U.S. government in a fight over encryption.
Locational Privacy Urban

Law Enforcement Purchasing Commercially-Available Geolocation Data is Unconstitutional

Many of the smartphone apps people use every day are collecting data on their users and, in order to make money, many of these apps sell that information. One of the customers for this data is the U.S. government, which regularly purchases commercially available geolocation data. This includes the Department...


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