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3 squares hover over a map, seemingly looking for crime hot spots

Senators Demand Answers on the Dangers of Predictive Policing

Predictive policing is dangerous and yet its use among law enforcement agencies is growing. Predictive policing advocates, and companies that make millions selling technology to police departments, like to say the technology is based on “data” and therefore it cannot be racially biased. But this technology will ...

students use books and tablets to hide from a spying eye

Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process

In March, Dartmouth’s Committee on Student Performance and Conduct (CSPC) accused several students of accessing restricted materials online during exams. These accusations were based on a flawed review of an entire year’s worth of the students’ log data from Canvas, the online learning platform that contains class lectures and information...
Zuckerberg Facebook

553,000,000 Reasons Not to Let Facebook Make Decisions About Your Privacy

Another day, another horrific Facebook privacy scandal. We know what comes next: Facebook will argue that losing a lot of our data means bad third-party actors are the real problem that we should trust Facebook to make more decisions about our data to protect against them. If history is any...

Free as in Climbing: Rock Climber’s Open Data Project Threatened by Bogus Copyright Claims

Rock climbers have a tradition of sharing “beta”—helpful information about a route—with other climbers. Giving beta is both useful and a form of community-building within this popular sport. Given that strong tradition of sharing, we were disappointed to learn that the owners of an important community website,, were...

Rewriting Intermediary Liability Laws: What EFF Asks – and You Should Too

Rewriting the legal pillars of the Internet is a popular sport these days. Frustration at Big Tech, among other things, has led to a flurry of proposals to change long-standing laws, like Section 230, Section 512 of the DMCA, and the E-Commerce Directive, that help shield online intermediaries from potential...

Locational Privacy Urban

App Stores Have Kicked Out Some Location Data Brokers. Good, Now Kick Them All Out.

Last fall, reports revealed the location data broker X-Mode’s ties to several U.S. defense contractors. Shortly after, both Apple and Google banned the X-Mode SDK from their app stores, essentially shutting off X-Mode’s pipeline of location data. In February, Google kicked another location data broker, Predicio, from...

fist with key icon over BLM protest photo

Coded Resistance: Freedom Fighting and Communication

It’s nearing the end of Black History Month, and that history is inherently tied to strife, resistance, and organizing related to government surveillance and oppression. Even though programs like COINTELPRO are more well-known now, the other side of these kinds of stories are the ways the Black community has fought...
Facebooks thumbs up thumbs down

Facebook's Latest Proposed Policy Change Exemplifies the Trouble With Moderating Speech at Scale

Hateful speech presents one of the most difficult problems of content moderation. At a global scale, it’s practically impossible. That’s largely because few people agree about what hateful speech is—whether it is limited to derogations based on race, gender, religion, and other personal characteristics historically subject to hate, whether it...


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