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An image symbolizing the principle of interoperability.

The New ACCESS Act Is a Good Start. Here’s How to Make Sure It Delivers.

We’ve praised the ACCESS Act as “a step towards a more interoperable future.” However, the bill currently before Congress is just a first step, and it’s far from perfect. While we strongly agree with the authors’ intent, some important changes would make sure that the ACCESS Act delivers on its...
The shadow of a police officer looms in front of a Ring device on a closed door.

Ring Changed How Police Request Door Camera Footage: What it Means and Doesn’t Mean

Amazon Ring has announced that it will change the way police can request footage from millions of doorbell cameras in communities across the country. Rather than the current system, in which police can send automatic bulk email requests to individual Ring users in an area of interest up to...

Supreme Court Overturns Overbroad Interpretation of CFAA, Protecting Security Researchers and Everyday Users

EFF has long fought to reform vague, dangerous computer crime laws like the CFAA. We're gratified that the Supreme Court today acknowledged that overbroad application of the CFAA risks turning nearly any user of the Internet into a criminal based on arbitrary terms of service. We remember the...

A striped cat opines using a megaphone.

Amid Systemic Censorship of Palestinian Voices, Facebook Owes Users Transparency

Over the past few weeks, as protests in—and in solidarity with—Palestine have grown, so too have violations of the freedom of expression of Palestinians and their allies by major social media companies. From posts incorrectly flagged by Facebook as incitement to violence, to financial censorship of relief payments made on...


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