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The Benefits of Encryption


The Benefits of Encryption

Encryption is the technology that keeps the data on our phones, tablets, and other gadgets safe from unauthorized access. End to End Encryption (e2ee) ensures the privacy and confidentiality of messages exchanged between users. Cryptographic techniques are used to scramble your data or your messages, making them unreadable to anyone other than you or the intended recipient. This means that even if a malicious third party intercepts your messages, they won't be able to decipher or access your private information.

There is no technological compromise between strong encryption that protects the data and a mechanism to allow the government “exceptional access” to this data. Building an exceptional access mechanism on the vast scale needed to decrypt messages on a routine basis would put everyone at greater risk of hacking, identity theft, and fraud. In addition, any system implemented by the US government will be accessed and misused by repressive governments around the world, including against Americans.

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