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BBC Charter Opens the Gates to Cultural Renaissance

Electronic Frontier Foundation Supports BBC's "Creative Archive" London, UK -- The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) provided written testimony on Saturday to the UK government committee evaluating the charter renewal for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The testimony supports the BBC's request to build the "Creative Archive," a groundbreaking project that...

Betamax Under Siege - Again

The Senate Judiciary Committee, responding to the hail of brickbats that greeted Senator Hatch's "Induce Act," asked the Copyright Office to propose something that would be more popular with the technology community. Here's the heart of what it came up with:
Whoever manufactures, offers to the public, provides, or...

New Induce Act Proposal Is a Bad Idea

Today, the Copyright Office provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with recommended language meant to replace Senator Orrin Hatch's "Induce Act," S. 2560. The proposed language targets companies who make "public dissemination" technologies, where those companies make money from, or attract users with, copyright infringement. The proposal is a break...

EFF on Copyright Bill Moving in Congress

The Washington Post reports that the House Judiciary Committee has marked up and reported H.R. 4077, the Piracy Deterrence and Education Act (PDEA). The measure is now ready for a vote by the entire House of Representatives. The Senate has taken no action on any companion bill. The PDEA...

MSFT About-Face on "Freedom of Music Choice"

As we reported last week, Microsoft's new music download store, MSN Music, advised its frustrated iPod-toting customers to simply burn their purchases to CD, then rip them to an open format like MP3. That way, they could play their MSN Music downloads on their iPod (or any other device)...

EFF Files Brief in Email Privacy Case

Councilman Case Should Be Heard Before Full Court Boston, MA - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in a case that will have a profound effect on the privacy of Internet communications. The brief argues that US v. Councilman, previously decided by a panel of First...

MSFT Offers Real "Freedom of Music Choice"

Tech support for Microsoft's new MSN Music service is responding to the incompatibility between its downloads and the iPod by advising its customers to burn the downloads to CD, then rip the CD to a compatible format:
Although Apple computers and Apple iPods do not support the PC...


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