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ICANN Can Stand Against Censorship (And Avoid Another .ORG Debacle) by Keeping Content Regulation and Other Dangerous Policies Out of Its Registry Contracts

The Internet’s domain name system is not the place to police speech. ICANN, the organization that regulates that system, is legally bound not to act as the Internet’s speech police, but its legal commitments are riddled with exceptions, and aspiring censors have already used those exceptions in harmful ways. This...

Cindy Cohn at Web Summit Conference - Mentor Hours

It’s Mentor Hours – startups’ chance to join EFF's Cindy Cohn, and learn from the best. With Mentor Hours, you will be able to utilize Web Summit’s contact book and meet our high-level business attendees, including the founders and CEOs of major tech companies in your industry. The pre-scheduled, hour-long...

Cover Your Tracks

Introducing Cover Your Tracks!

Today, we’re pleased to announce Cover Your Tracks, the newest edition and rebranding of our historic browser fingerprinting and tracker awareness tool Panopticlick. Cover Your Tracks picks up where Panopticlick left off. Panopticlick was about letting users know that browser fingerprinting was possible; Cover Your Tracks is about giving...

Cindy Cohn at Web Summit Conference - Civil rights online

EFF's Cindy Cohn, will host a roundtable discussion that will look at "What are our rights online"? How can we protect them? This Roundtable will explore what we should know about how the web and society are structured, and about their impact on us.ParticipantsCindy Cohn Electronic Frontier FoundationNevelina Aleksandrova Ministry...


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